“Arie’s Prayer”

“Arie’s Prayer”

Father God, keep Arie whole,
Bless her tiny spirit as she becomes aware of her soul.

Please father, allow her to keep the gift that brought tears to me,
Your humble servants eyes,
Help her understand her beauty comes from you and should never
Be worn with pride.

Father, bless her sister also made beautiful by you,
Watch over them when they fuss and fight as all sisters do,
Keep them close in their spirits and in their love of you, too.

Father, give Arie the wisdom of ancestors from the beginning of time,
Let her know we came from the same nation of people and her ancestors
May very well be the same as mine!

I thank you God for allowing Arie to touch my life;
In that moment, all things in my universe was right.
I could see in her eyes the beauty of your light.

Father, continue to bless her, bless her and keep her strong;
Please Lord, give her knowledge of your kingdom and she can’t go wrong!

“Arie Jaya Canada”

“Arie Jaya Canada”

I met you today and i’ll never forget the smile on your face,
i know you won’t remember that moment, that time or even this place.

You were the most beautiful person in the building this day- believe
me Arie its true,
If i live a hundred years, I’ll always remember you!

You are “FORTY THREE DAYS OLD” today, your life has just begun;
You’ve surely touched my life, little one, your spirit is strong.

I can’t imagine what this world will be like as you continue to grow,
I asked your mom if i could pray for you and she said, “yes”, so
here we go!!

Note: Thank you Paige and Arthur for allowing me to share you joy today



Arie is such a beautiful name, do you know what it means? In Greek it means superior, and best of thinkers- I would bet originally it belonged to an African queen!

There were other words of definition too; Famous bearer, and lion, to name a few;
I saw lot of each description when i looked at you!

Arie, you are special, always believe this to be true, then no one can stop you from whatever you set your mind to do!

One Love,

” Twilight’s Thanksgiving Visit”


I share this with you hoping to convey how a ninety second encounter, experienced during a period of seven hours spent in a visiting room, can profoundly affect us who live in the TWILIGHT ZONE; For days, weeks and even years afterward.

Today i had exactly that kind of experience! At the moment it happened i could in no way explain to you or anyone else the emotions that passed through me; Nor can i fully comprehend those emotions myself. The power and enlightenment of them may have been a gift my limited skills are unable to communicate.

I was sitting in the visiting room relishing the company of my wife who had driven for hours to spend a little time with me on this holiday when i first noticed; She was beautiful; the kind of beauty that transcends religion, race or worldly status. She was not sitting in front of me, to my left or right , but behind me, across an isle and to the far end of the room of chairs.

In the visiting room the visitor and the person being visited face each other with a table between them; from where i sat, i could see the back of the man’s head when i looked behind me and down to the end of the row, but i could see her face clearly! No matter how hard i tried, i could not stop staring at her, even to the point that my wife began to take note of my staring and whom i was staring at!! This woman, the joy of my life, my dear wife, is not the type to sit idly by when she knows her husband is moved by another; she said simply,” she’s pretty”.

That simple statement shocked me coming from a woman I’ve known my whole life, my wife, who can speak with such eloquence that her words can move the most cynical to her way of thinking when she so desires. I wanted to tell her; “baby, no, no that’s not the right words to describe her! Then i looked into my wife’s eyes and i knew that she knew what i was feeling; I could almost hear her saying; “i’ll share you with her today”.

My eyes continued to look at this beauty. Not in my wildest dreams could i even imagine i would meet her; that i would ever know her name. You see, i live in the twilight zone and she was only here for a very short time visiting another. Unlike the others in the room today, there was no difference in her world and mine. She was born October 20,2016; All worlds are new to her at this point in time!

I don’t know how it happened, my wife and i believe in God; shortly before this visit was over this 43 day old beauty claimed a piece of my heart. Her mother brought her over to me and allowed me to touch her hand. That pure and simple kindness wrung tears from the eyes of this old man, its been over twenty years since I’ve encountered a life so young!

After the visit was over, i asked her father if he had told her mother how long I’d been in, or if he had noticed me staring and sent her to bring the beauty to me? His answer to both questions was, “No”, my wife and i talked about the power of God. Knowing the world this beautiful child must face gives me courage on my journey home!!

“The Other Day”

The Other Day

Let me start this off right, so you don’t get it wrong. I love you my daughter, and
that love is strong.
I’m sorry I didn’t talk to you when I called your mama the other day;
Baby your mama got my heart rapped up and sometimes I lose my way. Ya! I
know i called twice and one of them should have been for you;
but she gets me so confused i don’t know what to do.
You know I’m coming home soon and she be saying all kinds of naughty thangs;
How is a poor dude  like me to remain sane. When my head cleared,
I called a third time but you were gone, girl can you for give your poor
daddy yo mama got my mind and gone, “LOL” 😉

I love you and have a great Thanksgiving

“Paint your own Destiny”

“Painter of your own Destiny”

I have a dream that’s about all other dreams , and i thrive for it, because i was told i couldn’t have it ~ That my criminal back ground surpassed the achievements I desire~ So, what is left for me? For the mind that cant hold on to this life-style any longer r~ I will tell you what… Great things! With everyday comes new dreams and a need to become more than i am ~ Destiny isn’t chance~ it is choice! You don’t just wait for it~ You achieve it ~ and ~that ~ I am doing!!

A master piece takes time, and my self-proclaimed life will be that of a great painting ~ In the eyes of most people~ Yet, conceived as the beauty the artist hold inside ~ Something to admire from me outside ~ Yet ~ Something ideal to know from the inside! The projections of my desired will be painted on everything i touch~ Including her body beneath my finger tips ~ But, more profoundly, the call i posses to serve the better of mankind~ All the while learning all i can ~ Never regretting my late start in life ~ Just knowing this painting~ This master piece took a while linger to finish ~ There is nothing as beautiful as being “The painter of your own Destiny!!!

Minster Allen

“My Thanks”

This poem is different from all the rest. You see, its because of
the recipient of this poem I know Thanksgiving the best.

I give thanks for you each and every day. Your love has helped me to
find my way.

We share a soul and because of that our lives are whole. You bring
a joy to my life that I would have never known; I can’t put into words
what it means to call you my own.

Give thanks! That’s what I do, every single time I think of you.

You are my sunshine on a gloomy day. You! My love, you are the light
that brightens my way.

Without you, for me Thanksgiving would change. Without you in my life
nothing would be the same.

Thank you my darling, thank you my wife, thank you for being the joy
of my life.

Happy Thanksgiving to the woman of God who shares my life. Louise it is
for you I’m most thankful!

Your Husband

“Close to Home”

I’d like to discuss one of the most important things that affect the a federal prisoner, his family, and his friends: At which prison(s) will he do his time? Most prisoner want to be as close to home as possible, in the lowest – security prison as possible. There are other factors to, that prisoner consider when thinking about where they would like to do their time. Some prisons have certain features other do not. For example, a prisoner who enjoy weightlifting might be quite a bit happier at one of the federal prisons that has weights(most do not), while a prisoner who enjoys running an hour or two a day may prefer one that has a long paved running track that is in good condition, over one that has a short gravel track.

There are many federal prisons, scattered all over the country. Each prison has its own rated security level. at many locations there are two, three, or even more federal prison adjacent to each other, each with its own security level. when a federal prisoner is sentenced, his lawyer can ask the judge at sentencing to recommend a specific prison. however, it is important to keep in mind the the judges recommendation is exactly that: just a recommendation. under the law, the recommendation has no binding effect on the BOP. see 118 U.S.C section 3621(b).

There are five security levels in the BOP. Minimum, Low , Medium, High and Administrative. There is a system for determining what security level a prisoner will fall under. In general, a point system is used. Minimum security prisoner normally have 0-11 points, low 12-15, medium 16-23, and high 24+. administrative is for special cases. there are several exceptions to the point system that override the amount of points an inmate has. for example, if a prisoner has 3 points, but has more than 10 years left on his sentence, he will often be housed at a minimum security facility, and will most likely be housed at a low security facility, because in addition to the points requirement, inmates at minimum security facilities must have less than 10 years remaining on their sentence. there are also other exceptions. For example, most inmates who have pending charges other then the one they are serving time for will not be housed at a minimum security prison, even if they have 0-11 points.

Many lawyers are not familiar with the details of BOP policy. A lawyer who is unfamiliar with the intricacies of the BOP may ask the judge to recommend a prison that is close to his clients home, not knowing that is does not match his clients security level. In that case, although the judge will probably make the recommendation(since most judges are ignorant regarding many of details of how the BOP actually works), the client will not be sent to that prison.

lets say a prisoner starts his sentence at a medium-security prison, far from home. security levels are usually re-calculated every year. however, they are also re-calculated when an inmate receives an incident report, which increases his points. there are several ways that this prisoner can be transferred some where else. If his points go up enough, because of one or more incident reports, he will be sent to a high security prison. if they drop lower because he stay out of trouble, he can be sent to a low security prison. it may be he already has low points, and is only there because he has more then 20 years left on his very long sentence, since inmates at low security must have less than 20 years left on their sentence. in that case, once he has done enough time to where has less than 20 years left, he can go to a low security prison.

There is another type of transfer, call a “nearer release transfer.” these are supposed to be used when an inmate is far from home, and wishes to transfer to a prison closer to home. these transfers do no necessarily have to be a lower or higher security prison. For example, in theory the prisoner at one minimum security prison can transfer to another minimum security prison that is closer to the address he plans on being released to. but what does “far from home” mean to the BOP? the BOP defines “close to home” as anywhere within 500 miles, in a straight line distance on a map. in other word, even if it would take 600 miles of driving to get from a prisoners home to the prison, as long as someone could draw a straight line from the home to the prison that is less than 500 miles long, the BOP counts this as “close to home,” and will not even consider a nearer release transfer.

Even if, under the BOP’s definition, the prisoner is “far” from home, and even if there are many federal prison matching his custody level that are closer to his home, there are still more loopholes that the bop uses. one is the “clear conduct” loophole. even if a prisoner is very far from home, and otherwise qualifies, the bop will grant a nearer release transfer unless he has 18 consecutive months of “clear conduct” at the institution he is in. in other words, he cannot have any incident reports for 18 months before the transfer, no matter how minor. lets use an example: John is about 1000 miles from home, housed at a minimum security institution in Kentucky. his wife, who lives in their house in Florida, can only visit twice a year with their two young children, because finances are tight. after being at the prison for 1 year, John asks his case manager if he can transfer to a minimum security prison in Pensacola, Florida, which is 40 miles from his house. he wants to be closer to his family, and see them more often. his case manager informs him that he has to have 18 months of clear conduct first. five months later, John oversleeps, and, to avoid getting to work late, does not make his bed. An officer writes him an incident report for failing to make his bed. Although his only punishment is commissary restriction for 30 days (he is not allowed to buy food from the commissary for a month, only hygiene products and medicine), John will not be eligible for a nearer release transfer for another 18 months.

even if john does not receive any incident reports for 18 months, he can still be denied a nearer release transfer. how? simple. the case manager can apply for a “management variable” from the bops designation and sentence computation center (DSCC) in grand prairie, Texas. these applications are almost always approved. they can last a few months, or even a year or two. there are many reason they can be placed on an inmate, and not necessarily because he did anything wrong.

lets take another example: Mike is about 250 miles from home, at a low security prison. he knows that in a few months his points will drop, and he will be eligible to go to a minimum security prison camp. the one closet to his home is a bit closer, about 200 miles from home, and he wants to go there. the problem is this: mike knows that even if he ask to go there, the DSCC, which decides where each prison will be sent, might send him somewhere else, even if that somewhere is much further away from home. when times comes, Mike goes ahead applies for the transfer. he ask for the minimum security prison camp that is 200 miles from home. but, sure enough, three weeks later his case manager informs him that he is going to a different prison camp, which is 400 miles away from home. mike points out to his case manager that his family will have to drive many more hours to visit him., and that he had asked for the minimum security prison closet to his home. he asks that he be sent there, as he had asked before. his case manager say it was the DSCC’s decision, and that there’s nothing that can be done, since there is no mechanism in policy for a prisoner to get the DSCC to change what prison they have already decided to send him to. Now, mike might decide that he would rather stay at the low security prison than go to a minimum security prison that is even further away from home. so he might purposely get in trouble, for example by buying a contraband cigarette and smoking it in front of a guard. this way, he will receive some punishment for the cigarette, but his transfer to the minimum security prison will be cancelled, and he will be able to stay where he is for a while, closer to home.

These scenarios i have given as examples are by no means rare. In fact, they are very common. Situations like this happen to thousands of federal prisoners. When the BOP is questioned about why so many inmates are placed at prison far from home when there are prison closer to their homes that match their security levels, and why they are not allowed to transfer closer to home once they are within 500 air miles, they usually rely on a handful of excuses. In the past , one that was commonly used was insufficient bed space at certain prison. However, the population of the BOP has dropped in recent years. Also, it is now very easy to find out what the current population of each federal prison in the country is, how many beds each prison has, and approximately how many empty beds are available at each prison. There are many inmates who have requested a transfer to a prison closer to home that has hundreds of beds are available, and have been sent somewhere else anyway. Another common excuse is that some specific inmates can obviously not be housed with other specific inmates. For example, lets say bob and tom are both from Nashville Tennessee, and are classified as minimum security inmates. they both want to go to Millington, which is in Tennessee. it is the closest minimum security federal prison to Nashville. but bob testified against tom, so both of them cannot go there. One of them will have to be further from home. This is a valid point, but does not apply to many of the prisoners who have had this problem.

One of the ironies of the BOP’s policies is that prisoner who have worked their way down to minimum security prison, by doing everything that is demanded of them, such as staying out of trouble, attending education programs, working, etc., and have ended up far from home, but less than 500 air miles away , have no way of getting closer to home. They are already at the lowest security level in the BOP, so generally the only way they can get moved is by getting in enough trouble to be sent to a high security prison. Here’s another real life example: Dan is from Pennsylvania. He works his way down from a low security prison that is about 200 miles from home, to a minimum security prison. He ask to be sent to Schuylkill, which is only a one hour drive from his home. Instead, he is sent to the minimum security prison in Manchester, Ky. Manchester is 490 miles from Dan’s home. He has seven years left on his sentence. Even though Schuylkill has plenty of empty beds, the only way Dan can leave Manchester before his finishes his sentence would be to purposely get in trouble and get sent to a higher security prison, which might not be closer to home than Manchester is. He doesn’t want to get in trouble. So, because he behaved, he is now stuck 490 miles from home for the next seven years.

The BOP’s policies regarding this subject are found in the BOP program statement 5100.08. However, even if a prisoner appears to be eligible for a transfer under the program statement, the policy gives a great deal of discretion to staff at the institutional level. For example, there are many cases where a prisoner has all the requirements necessary to be transferred to a lower security prison, but his case manager decides he or she is going to keep him where he is for another year or more. All he or she has to do is ask the DSCC to apply a “greater security management variable,” and it will almost always be approved. Pretty much any excuse will work, even if the prisoner has never received an incident report. The prisoner can appeal to the warden, but wardens very rarely overrule their staff.

So in closing, if someone you love i in federal prison, and what they are telling you regarding a transfer doesn’t make much sense to you, they are probably telling you the truth. The systems is not designed or intended to put prisoners as close to home as possible. It is designed to meet the needs of the BOP. If they want more beds filled at a prison in the middle of nowhere, so that they can keep it open, they are going to fill those beds. It doesn’t matter to them if the people filling those beds live hundreds of miles away. If you decide to read Program Statement 5100.08 for yourself, you may notice that, at the very beginning, the BOP outlines its goals regarding this subject. Keeping prisoners close to home is not among them.


“Truly Blessed”

“Truly Blessed” ‘

I’m giving thanks this year for being truly blessed; Scottie! Greg! You’ve made my
special thank you list.

Scottie you’ve been a sister to my wife when she has been in need, and accepted
me as your brother sight yet unseen.

Greg every word I’ve heard from you has been encouragement to move on. Coming
from a man of God, they have helped to keep me strong.

You can’t know what it means to me to know I have a brother in Christ, when I get
home i’ll be able to thank you right.

Scottie, Greg, I wonder if the people at your church know how special you both are?
To rap a brother in a foreign land in your love of God who could ask for more?

Yes! This Thanksgiving I hold you up before my God, and thank him for giving me a
small place in both of your hearts.

Your Brother P.H.

“I Salute You”

I Salute You!!!

The days are long
The nights are cold

Sweat is upon MY brow,
The winds keep whispering how,

How could America be so cold, is it really true,
As we run by day and hide by night,

Never once thinking to give up the fight,
A fight for what we hold true, Our beautiful colors of red white and blue,

You Honored me with a Medal, a Medal Bold and Rare,
Now I realize that was your way to say that you care,

I opened my eyes this morning with visions of that time staring me in the face,
I began to thank GOD that I no longer have to run that race,

Today ,I stand for another pursuit,
To fight in GOD’S army and bear him much fruit!

Fighting for those that are feeling alone,
To help keep them far away from the zone,

So,Thank you today my husabnd for all you do,
I just wanted to say that,