I heard that by nightfall on that faithful day when our savior hung
his head the earth it self cired and alway most past away.
Can you imagine the savior saying forgive them for they know not what
they do. Christ crying out to his father not to destroy me and you.
Shooting craps at his feet laughing and cursing in the croud while
our savior hanged there trying to wipe our sins out.
His mother standing off in the croud her eyes filled with tears. The soldiers
waitng for him to die not knowing in three days he would live.
When the time had finally come and our savior said it was done and past away
with those last words the world was destined to live on.
Joseph went to pilate and asked for his body to annoint and bury in the right way
our savior would be placed in another mans tomb provided by joseph that day.
Pilate was a little worried so he told joseph this is what I will do. I’m going
to send eight soldiers to be sure the body is not moved. Those soldires gaurded the tomb
they watched it around the clock but when the time came they were not able to watch.
They could not gaurd against what was meant to be. GOD had sent his son to wipe
away our sins.

Join us tomorrow this poem is not finished yet. It is for the end that I have saved the best part of this story you can bet.



She doesn’t changer her mind every few seconds, days, months, or years. She is steadfast in her love for her children.
Her love and loyalty is eternal, her friendship unparalleled.
She is a incredible cook who fills every one of her dishes and pots at every meal with love. Even though she knows her son or daughter won’t be coming home for EASTER. She still makes his/her special dish cause it makes her heart warm and she will tell them about it when next she visits the Twilight Zone.
She is a strong mother even when she has to criticize. Her points are always accurate: Although sometime she must give them with tears in her eyes. We her children who know her well know even in those minutes she is still on our side.
This mother of children who live in the Twilight Zone, her dedication to GOD is unshakable, her will unmovable, and her faith in Christ is to strong. She believe he died and rose for our salvation. She believes that because of him we all may live again. That’s why she keeps praying for her children to be free of the Twilight Zone. She keeps praying for a world that’s free of sin. For her children to come home.
BY: J.W.& Twilight
PS: Brenda I live beside your son. I’ve watched him grow. His faith in GOD is equal to yours. I thought you should know. Twilight (Your brother in Christ).


“Easter Wishes”
Hoard Family to The World
E – Easter is God’s promise Which his son came to fulfill.
You remember that blessed day when he hung on Calvary Hill.

A – A promise of eternal life for all who believe he lives.
That he rose after that day on Calvary Hill.

S – Son of a living God that made the Trinity complete.
Volunteered to redeem man; after man dastardly deeds.

T – The story of a virgin birth, the greatest story of all.
The story of a King being born who would never fall.

E – Everlasting life promised. A direct line to God.
A place to take all of our burdens and lay them before God.

R – Resurrection that was it; all Jesus’s promises had come true.
We the Hoard family wish a blessed Easter to you.