“Memories From The Holler”

When James and I got marries, on December 29, 1949, he had been discharged from the army for a year or longer. They had some kind of program the men could get in to the chicken business. He ordered 400 baby chickens.

When we got married on December 29, 1949, he had about 200 laying hens. He sold the roosters and used the money to buy food for the hens. We were getting a lot of eggs. He sold them to people, to stores, and to chicken hatcheries. (Editor’s Note: I wonder if the great-grandchildren are eating the great-grand chickens….just a thought.)

He bought chicken feed in pretty bags. We could use the pretty feed bags for making quilts or dresses. The white feed bags we used for making sheets and other things out of. (Editor’s Note: I wonder what other things they made. Must have been a secret:) It took four white feed bags to make a sheet and four pretty feed bags to make a quilt top. I was not good at sewing dresses, so I would get someone to make me a dress from the pretty feed sacks. I remember one time, grandma came over to our house and she was bragging on what a pretty quilt I had. It looked like it had been pieced together out of little pieces of our house and she was bragging on what a pretty quilt I had. It looked like it had been pieced together out of little pieces of material. Grandma said, “That was a lot of work.” I replied, “No Grandma, that’s just four feed sacks sewed together.”

We started our life together living in the same house as James’ Grandpa, Grandma, and aunt (who was blind). When you went in the front door there was a hall. Grandpa, Grandma and Dora slept in the bigger bedroom, which had 2 beds. James and I had the smaller bedroom. Our rooms also had a second bed. When company came, they shared our room. There was a dining room and a kitchen. A large fire place provided us heat.

In the beginning, we all shared the kitchen and dining room, but later on James’ Grandma told him I wanted a kitchen, so he fixed the backroom up to be my kitchen. I had a safe (shelf for storing things in), a fire burning cook-stove, and a table. We did not have a bathroom, we used a toilet out next to the chicken house.

So when our first baby was born, I think we bought one dozen Birdseye diapers. (Editor’s Note: She thought they cost less than $5. I found that today, you can get 10 Gerber brand Birdseye cloth diapers for $15.) The white feed sack sheets would eventually get soft from being washed and hung on the line, so I would cut my old bed sheets up to use to make more diapers. (Editor’s Note: I’m spoiled and I know it. I didn’t know anything got “soft” on the line. I want my towels dried in the dryer because they are stiff and hard when they come off the clothesline.)

When our second child was on the way, James’ Grandpa gave James seven acres of land, just across the bottom, up from where they lived. When our second child was about 6 weeks old, we moved into our own small home. The house didn’t have any electricity or running water. We used oil lamps for light to see by. We didn’t have the house finished at the time. We had a kitchen and a small dining room. We had a wood burning stove to cook on. The living room had our bed, a few chairs, and a stove to burn wood in to keep us warm.

I don’t remember the date that we moved in. James, me, our 1 year old little girl, Mary Lou, and our six week old baby boy, Billy, moved into our new house. Later on, we had more baby boys and baby girls. In all we had 8 boys and 5 girls. Now, we have a lot of grandchildren, a lot of great-grandchildren, and a lot of great-great-grandchildren. A lot of people have also married into our family. I am thankful for ALL of you. God Bless You All. I hope to meet you all in Heaven, where we can all be happy for ever and ever.

God bless every one of our big family.

Mommy Conley
Memories from the Holler

Hello from my wife Tammy and I. That last story was a very good story. The last time I was at Mommy’s house I drank from the dipper. That was 26 months ago. It is what I do each time I am at Mommy’s. The correct way to drink from the dipper is get a little water in it and slosh it around to rinse it out. Then empty it and get a nice dipper full. It is a very good refreshing drink of country water and it has not killed any of us yet. The dipper is made of aluminum so the water tastes colder than out of a glass. Give it a try. Not only have we drank from the dipped but we have laid on our belly and drank from a creek if we was above all the house in a holler. Contrary Fork was my favorite creek to drink from. No house and a big flat rock the water ran over. I have laid down many times and drank from a ditch just to wet my mouth. If you are not ready for Heaven and get thirsty here, the other side of eternity is going to be hot and there is no water there. Not one drop. Now let me tell you the funny dipper story.

A rich city man was driving through the country and he stopped at a gas station. He was very thirsty. He asked the owner about a glass of water. The owner replied “We drink from that well over there.” There was a dipper hanging on the well. The city dude looked at the owner. The owner had a chew of tobacco in his mouth. It was running down one side. The city dude asked for a clean dipper. The owner said it was the only one they had and everybody drank from it. The city dude was so thirsty he had to have a drink so he dipped the dipper full from the bucket. He turned the dipper around and took a big drink right next to the handle thinking that would be the cleanest spot. The handle was almost touching his ear as he drank that cool well water. That is when the owner looked at him and said “Well I’ll be. After all these years I thought I was the only one that drank from that exact spot,” as he spit a big round of chew on the ground.

Happy Mothers Day to All

“Poem to Mommy”

I love you mommy
You are the one
The very first one to call me son

I love you mommy
for you and daddy have always cared
you kept us all healthy and strong through love and prayers

I love you mommy
even though I am so far away
I think of you and daddy each and every passing day

I love you mommy
and I always will until my dying day
I love you mommy have a Happy Mother’s Day.

“Poem to Tammy”

I love you Tammy
you are the mommy of our kids
I love you Tammy and I have dibs

The dibs I have on you for life
I love you Tammy and I am glad you are my wife
I love you Tammy and I always will
I love you Tammy as I sit each day by my window sill

I love you Tammy and cannot wait to see you come
with the little girls I love and the ones who could not come
I love you Tammy to the moon and back
Happy Mother’s Day Tammy stay strong until I get back

I love you family I am out of time
I love you family love till next time.

“Mama Conley Poem”

You have been Mama Conley to so many
Most people would have thought 13 was a plenty

Then there was another young man in the hospital to
He wanted to call you Mama Conley and you said that would do

Then he passed away and left this world of sorrow
and you knew you would be Mama to another come tomorrow

And as the years went by more and more love you felt
they want to be your sons and daughters and with that you dealt

After the tornado you went around to help all
They called you Mama Conley summer, spring, winter and fall

Then off to camp I had to come
180 miles from you and everyone

And even here you made friends a new
It did not mater who they were, they made friends with you

And even here whatever weekend you came
you made one more son, Hoard was his name

He saw your love he seen it from the start
He wanted to call you Mama because of that heavenly heart

You said it would be okay to call you Mama to
That is the kind of love a mama has for everyone through and through

Hoard excepted a little brotherly friendship from me one day
He asked what he owed me and I said “Nothing, I am just a brother passing this way

He has now showed me brotherly love each and every day
and here from camp we wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

So Happy Mother’s Day from all of us who has passed through your family tree
God, Daddy and Mommy, you make a perfect three

We love you Mommy

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Mommies I love!!!

“Mother’s Day wishes from the TWILIGHT ZONE”

This weeks blog is well wishes from your loved ones who are in the TWILIGHT ZONE. Poems, short stories and memories that will hopefully brighten your day. If a loved one asked you to check this site, your name will be above what is written for you. The names below will be the others that the writer wanted to wish a Happy Mother’s Day.

“Twilight Light” and his wife “God’s Light” would like to express love and well wishes to all of you and thank you for continuing to follow our blog. If you would like to comment they are appreciated. your love ones will see them. Okay, here we go. I will start it with a message to God’s Light.

MEMA! The mother of my children is lacking in no way. My daughters only have to look to you for a compass, a map or GPS to guide them down the roads, the highways or the interstates of motherhood. No matter how small the town the road leads to, what you do as a mother will work there. The large city that the highways lead to what you teach as a mother. It will work there as well.The interstates that lead to the metropolis’s where millions live Boo, there too is a need of your mothering skills.

You Mema have laid out the perfect course for our daughters to follow. When you are 84 you are going to be just like Mama from the Hollow. The example that all her children want to follow. It is because of you that my sons know what to look for in a wife. They have seen you walk side by side with me as an equal. My sons have seen with their own eyes or their hearts the pride you have taken in nurturing each of them into mature human beings. You have showered each of them with a proper portion of love and discipline. You my love have protected our children when they needed protecting and allowed them to venture out and learn for themselves when that was what was needed.

My darling you are all that a mother should be, and it brings me great pleasure to with you a HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY.
Your loving husband:

“Mommy Conley in the Hollow”

Monday was a very special day. I got to see you at your best. They thought they could stop you by telling you that you could not move around. Mommy, they got to be crazy, You can’t shut the spirit of God down, and mommy during the visit your spirit was all around. Everyone in the room had a smile on their faces. We shared a secret, everyone of us knew Mommy was in the place. Your love was bouncing off the walls. Thank God I was there to see it hit us all.

84 years of Godly living they could not shut down. They should have came in the room and saw what the rest of us had found. A mother with enough love to go around. The devil can fight as much as he please, but every time he comes up against Mommy Conley he will get knocked to his knees.

You see our Mommy is a praying mother she knows what to do. Not only does her prayer cover her, but they cover me and you. Mommy, thank you for making us not feel alone even though we live in the TWILIGHT ZONE.

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy Conley


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