“Sara Anderson”

Mama you are the best and I would not say it if it were not true. In my heart I believe Mother’s Day was made especially for you. First there came Roger and I’m sure you thought you had it right; when he was born you became a mother and earned all the mother’s rights.

Then William came along and you had two sons, how proud you must have been. Two strong sons to lookout for you when the twilight of your life did begin.

Next something happened that was special, that would forever change your life. Stinky Butt came along and your world was made right. Ronnie is a great little brother, I won’t deny him that. Nor will I tell my other brothers that it is true I am your pet. I’ll leave a little room for Pops. He has done his part and has a place in your loving heart. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us. We love you through and though and give our thanks for all that you do.

Stinky Butt

“Sara Turner Lykins”

It was only a few weeks ago that my heart almost stopped. Nothing seemed to move; not the sun, not my watch or even the clock. When I heard that you had been hurt all I wanted was to come to you.

Weston Blake, mean as a snake, needed his mother and I needed you too. I could see Whitney with big tears running from her eyes, and I won’t lie to you Sara, I also cried.

It’s only fitting that on Mother’s Day that I should tell you how I feel. You my darling Sara are the breath by which I live. I love you in a way I never knew possible. I really can’t explain, when I think of love it comes out in your name.

Happy Mother’s Day from:
Weston Whitney
June Bug


When I walked into the room the other day and saw the smile of your face, there was no doubt in my mind Chenise that I was in the right place. I hope my smile was just as bright. I hope you saw it too. I hope my smile said “Baby, I’m in love with you.” To me Khalil, Elijah and Lil Robert are proof of your love for me. That’s why I am writing to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day from me and our Big Three.

If tomorrow morning you wake up and the whole world has changed, the one thing you can count on is my love of you will remain the same.

Love: Robert

Happy Mother’s Day to the following mothers from Robert in the Twilight Zone…
Robin Holland, Morgan Swink, Vale Wills, Jody Black and Ronda Byer


Can you believe it’s been 14 years since you opened your heart to me? I remember that day. It was the first time I really felt free. I’ll never forget the way you looked at me. I knew even then you were the mother of my children to be. Then Kingston came along and that sealed the deal. KeeLynn, what we have is so real. You are the joy of my life; I need you at my side. The journey that we are on, it’s a life long ride. You my darling KeeLynn are the one I want at my side. Happy Mother’s Day from Kingston and I. It is my prayer that we will be together until the day we die.

I love you.

Happy Mother’s Day from the Twilight Zone from Spanky to: Norma Entsminger, Tracy Dawton, Terry Payne, Jessica Valez, Aunt Linda, Aunt Doris, and Aunt Brenda


It was only a week ago that I saw you walk across the room with our daughter on you your side. The two of you were so in tune. It was a beautiful mental picture that I shall carry with me each day as I call our children’s names when I bow to pray. You had with you on of my sons you knew I had not seen. That act of love is what I am looking for in the woman who shall be my queen.

I want to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day from all the children and I. You named our baby girl Legacy and I know the reason why. It’s because of the generations that come through her that you and I will never die. I love you Brandi, I love you with all of my heart. This vow I make to you on Mother’s Day in the presence of God!

From: Loves
To: Grandma Delores, Aunt April, Mama Jewell, Michelle Isome, Latrice, Evette, Aunt Rose, Nicole and Natalie


Since that day at the stop light it has always been you. Not only have you reared our children you have helped to rear my children too. You’ve actually done more than anyone should have to do. When I was gone and you had to take my place all was smooth with you and our children I never lost face. Pooh, you have made mother’s day special to me. You are all that I’ve ever dreamed the mother of my children should be. YOUR LOVING HUSBAND.

FROM: Donnell in the TWILIGHT ZONE to the Mothers in my life.
Ieasha & Ishawn, Shaheedah & Mahinah, Kaye Ennels, Kalilah Lawson, Laveda Ennels, Barbra Jenkins, Rakmahn Al Jabar.
Happy Mother’s Day to all of you.

“Ellen Edmonds”

Mom, I know you have done all that was in your power to see me through. I don’t have the word to express my love for you. Raymond, Thomas and Stacie, I am sure they feel the same way too. However, I am not sure they understand the magnitude of, as a mother, what you are willing to do. I live in the TWILIGHT ZONE and your constant prayer is to bring me home. Carmen, Kevin and Camren are well aware how blessed we are to have you as a mother and grandmother, which is our greater blessing in life so far. We all have something we want to say, and that is Happy Mother’s Day. We all love you in our own way. Love you Mom.

Carmen, in no way have I forgotten you, the mother of my sons and my anchor too. I have no idea what my life would be like without you. I think of you in all that I I do. I would not dare stop without wishing you a blessed Mother’s Day too.

Your Husband Kevin

“A Mother’s Special Day”

So special was the day our daughter was born. Even more special when you blessed me with a son. The gift of creation is truly yours. You are a wonderful mother and we thank you for the teaching, guidance, discipline and most of all your love. Happy Mother’s Day.

Your family with love.

Happy Mother’s Day
Ayo – Queen City Finest


PROVERBS 3:15 – She is more precious than rubies; and all the things thou canst desire are not to be compared unto her.

Mama always told me “Son, you best go easy down that road.” and she said “I am sorry for all the times I could not save your soul.” I should have listened to her words a lot more before I packed up and I walked right out that door. No matter where I go or what I do, I can always feel her gentle presence around me, reminding me of the man I should be. I will always remember the feeling of her warm hands on my face, the love and kindness that’s in every hug she has given. The softness of her voice when we talk is all so comforting, she always says the right things and she is always there for Amy and I no matter what the circumstance may be. Because a mother is what she was meant to be from the start. So on Mother’s Day from the TWILIGHT ZONE, I wish each and every one of your mothers, starting with you mom, a Happy Mother’s Day. Thanks for all of your support through all that we have been through and what we are going through. And most of all for planting the Word of God in our hearts. You Mothers deserve every day to be Mother’s Day. I want to wish some of the Mothers I know a very very Happy Mother’s Day.

Mom-Brenda Caulder, Aunt Kathy Harpe
My Love Shannon Laney
Yvette Hodge
Wendy Rainwater
Amy Rainwater
Tonya Rainwater
Ann Rainwater
Jane Short
Michelle Goodwin Runyan
Melanie Crowley
Mandy Quick
Joyce Perhealth
Amy Perhealth
Jessica Parker
Monique Arp
Jenny Roscoe
Tammy Poston
Chastity Monroe
Chasity Stroud
Karen Laney
Megan Hancock
Leila Haire
Dot Jordan
Sue Jones
Megan Freeman
Cortney Ezner
Denise Gary
Wendy Rivers Johnson
Melissa Berry
Linda Sue Burr
Tish Payne
Trudy Hancock
Ashley Hancock
Hadley Hancock
Nancy Cauthen
Freda Miller
Yandy Quick
Louise Quick
Mrs Lillian Caulder
Vivian Gathens
Darlene Lovelace
Christie Lovelace
G. Mullinax
Jennifer Long
Mary Goodale
Kathy Hunt
Linda Wallace
Helen Smith
Stacey Hurst
Lisa Dean
Diane Hunt

To the ones I forgot, please forgive me and Happy Mother’s Day!

John Wesley Graves

Le deseamos un Feliz Dia de las Madres

Esta semana tenemos mensajes de sus queridos que estan encarcelados. Hay poemas, cuentos, y recuerdos. Esperamos que les traigan una sonrisa. Si le pidieron que mirara esta pagina, su nombre estara por arriba de lo que se le escribio a usted. Despues de su mensaje estaran los nombres de otras a quien el escritor quiere desearle un Feliz Dia de las Madres.

Mi esposa y yo deseamos expresarles el amor y buenos deseos a todos ustedes, y les damos gracias por continuar a seguir esta pagina. Si desea comentar, se lo agradecemos. Sus queridos podran ver sus comentarios. Bueno, empezemos. Empezare con un mensaje a mi esposa.

“Debby Houston”
Mama, it’s me, Nick. I’m writing from the Twilight Zone. I’m sorry this will be the second year you won’t get to hug my neck on Mother’s Day and tell me how much I’ve grown. I wish I could see that look in your eyes when I pick you up and you realize how strong I’ve grown. Tell Lauren I said don’t be jealous, she knows I’m your pet. What big sister has ever outdone the smile of the babies yet. Tell her if it’s any consolation, she is the best big sister in the world. But that’s to be expected. She was reared by my favorite girl. We both are pretty lucky to have a mother like you. Happy Mother’s Day Mama. I love you, I really do, and that goes for Lauren too.

Nick would like to wish the following mothers a Happy Mother’s Day from the Twilight Zone:
Aunt Diane, Aunt Sherry, Christy Schobory, Kelly Heeger, Christina Faehr

Mama, si hubiera un oceano entre nosotros, mi amor por ti alcanzaria cruzar esa distancia, porque la persona que tiene mi corazon estaria al otro lado. No hay suficientes millas en el mundo que mi amor por ti no pueda alcanzar. Yo se que Raul y Joel sienten lo mismo por ti. Nosotros sabemos que harias cualquier cosa por tus hijos, y esperamos que sepas que no hay limite a lo que hariamos por ti. La ultima vez que te vi tenias lagrimas en los ojos. Pense que eran lagrimas de dolor, hasta que Dios me enseno que eran lagrimas de amor. Feliz Dia de las Madres mama. Mi corazon, y los corazones de mis hermanos, estan contigo. Te quiero mucho.

Eddie le gustaria desearle un Feliz Dia de las Madres a: Martina Nevarez, Zorayda Santana, Noemi Santana, Janette Santana, Marilyn Santana, Raquel Rios, Beatriz Olivo, y Emely Lopez

Celialidia Socarras

Tuviste que dejarme por un tiempo, para hacernos un hogar mejor en este pais. Fue aqui que encontraste a Dios. No fui siempre perfecto, y no hize siempre lo correcto, pero sabia que orabas por mi dia y noche.
Yo observaba mientras que crecia tu relacion con Dios, y esto ayudo a cambiar mi vida. Ahora estoy entendiendo lo que es Dios, y hacer lo que es bueno.
Vladimir, Adriana, y yo te debemos todo. Nos trajiste al mundo, y nos criaste.
Te deseo un feliz Dia de las Madres, y te doy gracias por quererme siempre.

“Rene Yount”
I remember I was working in my tough guy role that day when you came walking through the door. In that moment I realized my life had changed forevermore.
All little boys dream about that one special girl that can rock their world. I found in you, Renae, my special girl. It’s you I want to be with until the end of this world.
I thought when you came into my life I had enough. Now I got Destiny, Josie, and Faith; Renae, this is that love story stuff.
Just in case you are wondering what this is all about; It’s about those three beautiful girls and the mother of our house.
Happy Mother’s Day from all of us. I love you my darling Renae, in that you can trust.
Love, Fred
Fred would like to wish all these mothers a Happy Mother’s Day: Linda Wright, Teresa Whitman, Tammy Yount, Joy Davis, Rena Yount (the best sister-in-law), Rhonda Hamby.


Se ha dicho que la ausencia hace el corazon apagado crecer. Yo no se si es cierto. Pero si se lo que mi vida se esta perdiendo sin ti. Alma, no tengo la menor duda que mi amor por ti ha crecido. Cuando te miro, no se porque no lo vi antes, que tu eres todo lo que yo necesito. Eres tu a quien adoro. Yo se que hemos tenido tiempos malos y buenos. No tenia a Cristo antes. El me ha regresado a mi hermosa amiga. No le preguntaria por mas. Emma va a crecer en una casa donde no vamos a estar separados. Nosotros le vamos a ensenar lo que es una familia en la presencia de Dios. Alma, gracias por ayudarme a encontrar mi modo, y llenar mi corazon con amor en este Dia de las Madres. Feliz Dia de las Madres, mi carino. Estoy pensando en ti, y todo esto va para Emma, tambien.

I’ve known you your whole life, and I’ve loved you as my own since you were 13. Over thirty years my life has been committed to you. You have seen me at my very best, and you have seen me at my lowest. Together we have cried at the lowest point, and rejoiced at the high one. Kathy, being apart from you is the most difficult thing that has happened in my life. Nothing will ever be right for me until we are together again. You have given me three beautiful children who are the joy of my life, and we now have grandchildren that I adore. I want you to know that on Sunday I’ll be as close to you as my mind will allow me to get. On Mother’s Day I’ll be thinking of you all day long. Kathy, I want to wish you the very best on Mother’s Day, and ask that you hold on a little longer and allow our love to heal us as it has always done. Remember this: “I hope we walk the last mile together.”
Your loving husband,
Lester would like to wish the following mothers a Happy Mother’s Day from the Twilight Zone: Brittney Reece, Margaret Calderon, Peggy Lyons, and Candice Lyons.

“April Reaves”
When last I saw you it was in the visiting room. What a special day. When you looked up and smiled at me my mind went to another place. For me the room was empty and we were in there alone. If only for a minute my heart was back at home. I wonder how many people get to have their best friend and lover be the same. You came a thousand mile to see me Boo! That’s my claim to fame. I hope you know how much I appreciate you April, that’s no line. You are the one person who is always on my mind.
So, what is this poem about and why did I sent it today? It’s inspired by India, you see because of her I get to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.
Love: Derrick

“Yvette Drain”
Yvette it was for this moment in time that you were born. The day that Mama gave birth to you, she entrusted you with the care of the next generation of our family that would follow her. We are all saddened that you have to step into that roll earlier than any of us expected. I know Mama is looking down from heaven saying, “I left my family in good hands.” Yvette is now the mother and Duane is the man.

We have all seen the wonderful job you have done with DeMarco, DeMeco, Nadia, and MacAuthor so we know we can trust you to stand in Mama’s place and do the things she would. This is the first Mother’s Day that Mama won’t be with us. We get to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.
I would also like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to Ashley, Chamere, Delanda, Lilly, Aunt Kathleen, Aunt Hazel, and Aunt Yvette

I know that life with me has not always been easy. “21” Years, WOW! You are the best Boo. I cannot begin to imagine what life would be like without you. Cerissa, you are my heart. I promise you that statement is true. There is no one I love more than I love you, of that you can be sure.
Sometimes when I talk to you on the phone and hear that you are down, I want to put my arms around you and tell you I will protect you no matter what goes down. You have given me 7 precious reasons to love you. Delanda, Neiah, Duane, Neirah, Chance, Lee’ Wayne and Marissa. Over the last 22 years you have brought me much joy. It made no difference whether it was in the form of a girl or boy; they all have something in common in their own way. They made it possible for me to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day.

With all my heart, Duane from the Twilight Zone












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