The Greatest Mother in the World

I know the greatest mother in the whole wide world
She is 84 years old, her step is like a young girl

Her smile is sweet like an angel
Her voice is soft like a child
I love to see her coming
To share her love with me and everyone abroad

I wish you could see her each Monday when she comes
The love she spreads is second to none
She takes her steps with great pride
Because when she comes, she knows she makes a very happy son

She moved into a holler when she was young
And she game my daddy 5 daughters and 8 sons
Then she adopted 1 because it was fun

The one she adopted
Hoard was his name
He is the one
That came up with this Mother’s Day rhyming game

On her 84th birthday
She went to Florida to the beach
She did not put on a bikini
But she did soak her feet

Now this Mother’s Day Rhyme is coming to an end
And me and Hoard tried to outdo each other again
He started the poem with the 1st verse
I followed it next and it was not rehearsed

It is just the 2 of us, writing this, her 2 camping boys
But the rest of her children love her just as much
And we are not just making noise

I wanted to get the last word and I am holding the pen
So Happy Mother’s Day to Mommy and all the Mothers
From Conley and Hoard…THE END


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