Family is a feeling of
belonging and acceptance.
It’s a safe retreat, a shelter,
and an instant connection
to the people who have faith in you.

It’s a connection from one generation
to the next through blood. In some cases
a bond agreed upon through love.

It is a wonderful circle of lifelong
friends whose smiles go straight
to your heart with love.

It’s a special source of well-being
full of people who hold you
in the roughest times;
Share your life and love in
the best of times.

Even though I don’t
say it often enough
I appreciate and love each
of you more than anything
else in my life.
I’m proud you are my
Happy New years : Prentice

“4th Down And Goal”

Greetings My fellow bloggers> To many of us who may not be familiar with the game of football, how it is determined by a game of inches within a series of (Ball-of-possession-opportunities). Consisting of 4 consecutive attempts to score a goal commonly known as a Touchdown. 4th down and goal simply means that after 3 attempts to score. There is only one opportunity remaining of ball-possession. If you do not score on this final attempt, then the other team gets the ball? My focal-point in today’s blog is to express the important role that the N.F.L. players are taking regarding issues involving Police brutality and Criminal Justice Reform.
I sincerely commend the efforts of Professional footaball’s Malcolm Jenkins, Michael Bennett, Eric Reid, AnQwan Bolden and other N.F.L. Players in addressing the concerns of Criminal Justice Reform and Police Brutality involving people of Color. These important issues go-unrecognized and continue to be secondary in America’s Social agenda, your efforts to raise-awareness encourages those of Us who are behind the wall to remain hopeful in our pursuit of seeking a resolution regarding the many unjustices we face.
I urge you to not become distracted and/or divided within your organizing as you take on measures of negotiations for the betterment of our condition in your fight for justice. Remain steadfast even though you may witness substitute-plans replacing the course of objectives. By the revealing of other ulterior-motives and political agendas, you have taken-on the dual-responsibility of professional athlete and America’s Spokesman. It is my hope that you will continue to exemplify the characteristics of the academic Scholar and charismatic liaison in which society and media often-times undermines. My brother, stick to your demands in pursuit of reform and resolution, by exercising zero tolerance relative to our current circumstances so that our concerns are not just some mere piggy-back resulting from Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee? (Colin Kaepernick was the recipient of the Muhammad Ali Life-time Humanitarian award for his firm stance against Police Brutality, Criminal Justice Reform, as well as his local and global contributions to Society. He will always be remembered as a Hero and the forerunner for Equality who sacrificed his Career and Life to foresee Justice for all) My Dear Brothers, in each of your calls for Justice, you erase the slave-owner mentality of Bob McNair’s (Houston Texan’s Owner) inappropriate comments.
“We can’t let the inmates run the yard” excerpts which caused major back-lash throughout the N.F.L. and across America as a whole.
These type of denigrating remarks not only send strong signals to professional athlete’s who train hard day-in and day-out to earn their status on the playing field, and bring-in major endorsements in every arena. This also displays the lack of respect for the Athlete as a intelligent Human-Being off-the-field. By America accepting the fact that the many of Us who are behind the Wall are also “behind in America’s priorities, leaves a sense of insecurity that the methods that are being taken are of secondary commitment..(Seeming as though we behind the wall have been forgotten)? While society portrays our circumstances only thru the lenses of (i.e. police-episodes, music videos(gangsta-rap), evening news and other ghetto imagery. The significance of your support can finally rid-away(get-rid-of) this “saturated version” of Criminal Justice Reform. Real facts can be disclosed on how only small percentages are benefiting from smoke-screen legislation. How society is naive and being manipulated under the false-pretenses that Congress is changing Laws to help reduce mass-incarceration.

Society should be informed of the over-crowded housing and the affects of the Opioid epidemic ( and how it) is within the prison environment as well as on societies streets. From behind the Wall, I want to inform You of the untraceable demon that lurks thru the souls of the misguided prisoner. We here behind the wall are witnessing the frantic-attacks from inmates who indulge in these millennial-poisons throughout the day and all hours of the night. Almost every night we wake from sleep, hearing panic-screams and outcry’s from distraught/intoxicated beings taking their initiation to the developing-stages of life-time addiction. Institutional medical lines are already beyond their basic-quota to supply for those warranted prescriptions. While we are surrounded by contraband and controlled substances, most staff members non-nonchalant attitudes, is only to complete his/her 8 hour shift and to credit each day to an early pension, reflective of the signs of an inevitable disaster. Moreover, Our citizens should be made aware that due to prosecutorial advantages, Public defenders office’s across the Country can honestly identify with the over-bearing case-loads and the lack of adequate resources to effectively represent their clients. To add salt to the wound, changes in the White House administration, and the rhetoric of Lock-em-up policies, halfway-houses have started rejecting offenders who are eligible upon release and who have paid their debt to society after spending years of preparing to re-enter a world of economic and personal challenges. Their hope has been shot-down without so much as a thought about how much this is affecting the individual who has been waiting for his/her halfway-house date.

These hideous procedures adds more stress, anxiety and unwarranted tension to an already unstable environment. To further mention the absence of consideration on how this unexpected let-down affects the family as well. Family members such as elderly Parents, and even our children who are still dependent upon our presence are just as severely affected by such impediments regarding our return home. To not be granted access back into a deteriorating family-structure is troubling news to a family in such dire need of a missing loved-one who now understands the magnitude of his previous actions. It is my desire that the public be informed about those of Us behind-the-wall have made countless efforts to enhance our skills with vocational-training, achieved College degrees and who have remained infraction-free for decades. We have taken the initiative to write our Local Congressman, only to receive a ” Kick-the-can-down-the-road” response. (Passing our issues on, from legislation-process to another)? So the efforts of the Professional athlete regains our “Seat at the Table,” because as the saying goes, “If you’re not at the table, then you’re on the menu?”

It is a well known fact that during the campaign years of the 1980’s and 90’s, policy-makers competed with each other to prove that they could be harsh on legislation by targeting Black and Latino communities subject-to drug offenses which drove the prison population to astronomical Highs, which has now bled-over into our Caucasian Communities thru the use of Methamphetamine and Opioids.. Understanding the racial-disparities and disproportionate-level of sentencing-regimes for non-violent offenders. President Obama along with attorney general Eric Holder took the initiative to restore new policies on sentencing reform to help reduce the influx of low-level offenders that attributed to affects of mass-incarceration. However, with this new administration, these progressive issues have been placed at the bottom of America’s to do list. May the efforts of these N.F.L. Players inspire other groups and organizations to help mobilize such a relevant cause. To use your platform by sending a message to America’s unjustices, symbolizes courage and admiration from all of Us who embrace your support. So before we “break-the-huddle,” with only one down left to score a touchdown. Let us call the play that will bring collective-satisfaction to Us all.

May we continue to strive with the struggle.



Three days of Easter from the Twilight Zone

When God gives his word, It is the real deal. That’s why today is the day Christ went to Calvary Hill.

This sun and the moon did a dance of their own . They couldn’t speak the words but they knew something was wrong.
I’m sure Heaven was doing a dance of its own.

The soldiers marched him through the streets beating him as they went . I even heard at one point my savior lost his physical strength.
Falling to his knees , Simon came to his aid. Because the cross had to make the journey on this very day.

A thief on one side, a murderer on the other , the Savior of the world hanging firmly in the middle.

That’s why we call this day Good Friday , Good things are on the way. It was from the hill side that we would receive our saving grace.

Look again tomorrow this story has not been told ; we have a few more days for me to tell you how God will make a way to save our soul..

Happy Good Friday,

“Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas from the Twi- Light Zone.
Christmas Greetings from The Twilight Zone. We all wish we could be home doing all the joyful thing that this season brings, celebrating the birth of a New King.

Behind this wall the Christmas star does not shine so bright. Many of us stress as we contemplate what we are missing on this glories night.

Wanting to be there to see the smile on our children’s face and listening to Grandpa tell stories of God’s saving grace. Remembering all of the good Christmases beyond this place. Thinking of each of you on this special day.

How can we brighten those little ones day when we sit here in this dark place so very far away? What do we tell them? What do we say? Maybe if we start with “I love you”, that will brighten their day? That is what the one we honor on this day would say.

To all of the children with loved ones in the twilight zone, know that we love you even though we can’t come home; and to the mothers and fathers on the other side forgive us for any tears we have brought to your eye. Thank you for all you do for us from you side.

Christmas Love: Twilight

” To GOD’S Light”

To: God’s Light
Thank you for the gift of marriage that I’ve cherished since the moment you said yes.
we have built a life on a foundation of love that will never sink into the sand. it is on
solid ground and our love will always stand.

Thanks for all those times you encouraged me when I wanted to give up, for never accepting it
when I said but, just knowing you believe in me means more than you can ever know. I love
you Boo of that you can be sure. Because of you my heart has one door.

Thanks for your friendship you’re a very special women who has met all of my needs. You lightened
all our problems and add joy to our pains; any man that did not love you would have to be insane

Thanks for all the happiness you’ve brought me as your husband. Without you I never would have
felt the happiness that I do. the reason i know how to love is because of you. a happiness beyond
any words can say, beyond my wildest dreams and my purist thoughts today.

Yesterday I loved you with all of my heart but today, TODAY I love you with all my being. For
this gift most of all i thank you my darling wife.
Your loving husband Twilight


Greetings to my fellow Bloggers. It is beyond a privilege to dialogue with some to the Worlds most diverse and intellectual minds. We here within these isolated domains “behind the Wall” embrace the opportunity to network with those of you who share a common interest regarding Today’s societal issues.


When we look back at the year of 2012 regarding the situation surrounding Khalif Browder,(i.e. an African-American young man from Brooklyn New York), who was sent to Rikers Island(State prison in New York) for being falsely accused of stealing a back-pack…(Khalif Browder eventually committed suicide several years after being released..May he rest in peace and May Allah have mercy on his soul)…As charges were filed against him, he was placed in a “system” created to deter those who upon entering, to stop committing crimes in the future…

In a normal justice system you would think that this entity is designed by a group of qualified individuals who take upon themselves the responsibility to find effective ways to bring-about reform, rehabilitation and to provide a means of support for those who are victims of societal issues. There are some who chose a life of crime, there are others who are un-deserving of such expedient incarceration? Instead, each year we witness billions of tax-payers dollars being wasted-on institutional “warehousing” as the overall crime-rate steady increases.

Those individuals enter into this forgotten arena affectionately known as the “Twilight Zone”. It is an introduction to the initial stages of institutional-BRANDING and to rectify the status of second-class citizenship.( Once individuals enter the criminal justice system, our socio-economic status declines, we are least-selected in the labor-market and we go thru life with this tainted stigma of forever being a criminal).
As we focus our attention on this particular narrative. Remembering Khalif Browder, a young man who spent 3 years of his life in confinement, unsanitary living-conditions, under the physical-harassment and verbal-abuse from prison officials, along with the constant aggression’s of peer-pressure from local gang-rivals within such a hostile environment. A condition in which those of us within the “ZONE” are confronted with each and everyday..While unprepared prosecutors made redundant-request for continuances during scheduled Court appearances due to insufficient evidence and the inability to locate credible witnesses, displays the characterization on how such little emphasis is placed-on children who come form areas such as the ghetto(urban-society).. Unresolved to the claims of these false accusations, this innocent young man had to endure the unwarranted affects on how society uses a generalized protocol to substantiate any/all allegations, by randomly selecting the first black male that they see on the neighborhood block or in a police line-up? Without considering the fact that Khalif was employed and also enrolled in Community-College, neither of those positive behaviors exempted him from society’s stereotype of back-lash that young men and women who come from urban areas (The ghetto)experience..Adding insult to injury many of these children are forced to live in confined spaces known as the SHU( special housing Unit – a section within the prison, administrative-detention also known as “the hole” a small-isolated living quarters with only a sink, as steal-framed bunk and a toilet inside the cell shared by two people)…Inmates are kept inside these living-quarters for 23 hours a day for un-accounted-for sanctions or just simply because staff is having a bad day..
These constant episodes of psychological-gymnastics can take-its-toll on many of these children who already suffer from symptoms of deppression, abuse and other psychological-traumas.. To allow my fellow bloggers to imagine some of the unpleasant circumstances..The other day I removed a towel from off the floor in an area inside the Housing-Unit and all kinds of insects/bugs scattered across the floor exposing the infested and deteriorating infastructure within these dilapitated buildings which has housed animals and humans for the last 77 years. I know you won’t believe me but the staff actually named the Housing-unit “The Barns.”

Turning our attention to another similar crisis..
Sentoya Brown, (an unfortunate young sister) is serving a life sentence in a Tennessee Correctional Facility for killing her pimp. At the young age of 16 she was forced into sex-trafficking after being sexually-abused by an ex-boyfriend. A victim of child-molestation, raised in foster-care and constantly transitioning from on unstable home to the next, she eventually became involved in prostitution. Ms. Brown in her adolescence, suffered from an intolerable measure of abuse which caused her to display a level of resistance. The results of her actions ended-up in Today’s questionable decision of whether she deserves a life-long prison term?

Most of America is un-informed of the judicial process, how the procedural hurdles, etc.. With all her appeals “exhausted” she will not be eligible for parole until 2059..This helpless soul is now possibly spending the rest of her life BEHIND THE WALL.. I ask my fellow bloggers, where’s the reform?
I reflect on the misguided example to seek refuge from an individual who was lost in society and is now lost within the system. I question you, my fellow bloggers, “will there be any means of recourse,” in a society that excludes the disenfranchised?
As many others like Sentoya Brown and Khalif Browder are shuffled through the Criminal Justice system(Twilight Zone) policy-makers only logical-resolution seems to be a sense of urgency to incarcerate..while policy-agenda’s are met and retirement planning is secured, these over magnified and overstated juvenile-delinquents become wards of the State, in which ironically the only altenative-remedy in monitioring the child’s overall behavioral pattern is to issue medication..THE BIPARTISAN NOOSE !
In determining the most efficient solution to aide such a crisis, so-called professionals undermine the original causes which lead-up to these circumstances. Without the proper screening and making a real assessment, provided the warnings signs(i.e. counseling, child-interviews, drug-addicted-upbringings or any molestation within the home,etc.).. By observing certain conditions that can be deeply-rooted within the child’s dysfunctional-development would be considered the proper evaluation instead of a life sentence. To merely just fill the void of employment-entitlement and to confirm that they have a job is a disservice to our future inheritors of society.

Unveiling more on how the Uran-area youth are treated…

Just recently, four African-American teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 were exoneraed afer spending 16 years for being wrongfully convicted of killing a prostitute. Currently these men are now restoring their lives at the ages of 31 and 34. They were all from the Englewood, Chicago area,(a urban community within inner-ciy Chicago). D.N.A. evidence cleared the suspects, after the F..B.I. revealed that the testimony of the accused was coerced by investigators and also how Chicago Law Enforcement manipulated the citizens and the media to justify the allegations.

My fellow bloggers. I challenge you to make similar comparisons with regards to those who are affluent(privileged, those who inherit from rich/wealthy backgrounds). Studies reveal that few or any of the Affluent teenagers experience a fraction of the hardships or neglect that the mass-majority of teenagers from Urban society face on a daily basis.
Fact-checking revealed that just last year in 2016, the son of Actor Michael Douglas (Cameron) was “only” sentenced to 5 years in a federal institution on drug charges. While being incarcerated and receiving such a short sentence, compared to those of less-status. His sentence was extended to 2 more years for additional charges for being caught with more drugs inside the prison complex. In comparison to the thousands of young Men and Women who come from not-so-prevalent backgrounds, Cameron Douglas has already been released and has returned home to his luxurious life-style.
Nor can we forgot about Ethan Couch (the affluent Texas-Teen) who is responsible for killing several citizens(who were also from the State of Texas) for his out-of-control antics on a drunk-driving rampage. He was initially sentence to “probation” after violating the terms of his probaton, he “finally” had to do actual Jail-time? In contemplating some of the few scenario’s of how society’s veiw is of those who may be considered misunderstood, underprivileged, etc..

A Vision From the Twilight Zone:

A Vision From the Twilight Zone:

If someone from another country were to do some research (facts checking) on the majority of people thats under the control of the criminal justice system, his or her findings would show that those individuals are people of color or the less fortunate of this once great nation.

The foreigners, (like many Americans), would be under the impression that the crime rate is just something randomly selected from the US law enforcement bureau,Or that this data simply stems from those whom come from dysfunctional cultures, inadequate schools, and disenfranchised neighborhoods. The foreigners, (like many Americans), would probably assume the obvious that those particular people were well deserving of their fate (being cast into the Twilight Zone), due to poor choices and negative upbringings. However, this profound misunderstanding of how racial oppression actually works helps ease the perception of reality when his or her source of information are filtered through saturated outlets of mainstream media.

In corresponding to the many sincere bloggers who live outside of the Twilight Zone, it is more convenient to imagine that a majority of African Americans, Latino men, and under-privileged American Men and women who come from urban areas simply chose a life of crime rather than to accept the real possibility that their lives were structured in a way that virtually guarantees their early admission “INTO THE TWILIGHT ZONE” a system from which most will never escape.

One Saturday afternoon I was watching a college football game between two conference rivals Alabama and Auburn; unfortunately one of the All-American Alabama defensive players got injured. Imagining the impact and frustration from this particular player’s emotional breakdown as he tried to come to grips with the loss of freedom that had once come as naturally to him as breathing. I wonder if his frustration resembled that of Kunta Kinte’s, (the vocal character in Alex Haley’s award winning book Roots), captured after numerous attempts to escape slavery. This ultimate disappointment is a shattering role in his pursuit from the grips of bondage within society.

Not to question his academic accomplishment, or to undermine his non-athletic potential, but in a labor market that makes a totally different determination on it’s selective draft, this athlete’s possible chances of being selected first round have went from being great, to slim, to none. Due to this unexpected injury his ticket to avoid the Twilight Zone has just been put in jeopardy. Moreover this All-American football star now understands the unspoken reality that due to this injury his exceptional skills as an athlete registers less significantly and diminishes his credentials of being a worthwhile and qualified human being in the challenging world of technological and innovative thinking.

This unexpected injury brings about unwarranted scrutiny and stigmas which are placed on people of color, as this elite athlete once again becomes categorized within society’s “unleveled playing field”. Unbeknownst to the unexpected, only later reveals that his “physical contributions” are in more demand to this society than his “intellectual contributions” per-se. These

events are discouraging and have now produced a need to re-assess many of the athlete’s hopes, dreams, and objectives. He now realizes that many of the possibilities for success in life must be re-assessed and that most of what he took for granted could be coming to an end. This unfortunate occurrence re-aligns the burden of how he was just a tackle away from escaping this orchestrated-system of subordinate status that was also attributed to his ancestors.

As evidence and acknowledgement has now become unraveled to the fact that this country was built on the backs of slaves, as mentioned, his ancestors, and immigrants etc. As for many African Americans and other other less fortunate Americans when their options curve, or when they experience various setbacks, they don’t have the option to call a friend at M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who owns his own company, or to simply acquire a small loan from mom or dad who can pull funds from their 401k, IRA, etc. retirement savings. Or perhaps be supported by crowdfunding. Therefore, in recognizing that not only is this individual athletes future in limbo we also come to realize that in many instances his entire family structure is somewhat dependent upon this promising transition to a better life simply based upon financial status.

Therefore the fear of a missed opportunity to make it out of the (ghetto), inner city and escape society’s stereotypes and prejudice, (I.E. bad dudes, predators, and thugs), decreases those options for an individual to place his life silicon-valley, Wall street, and cyber security.

As we maintain our existences here “Behindd the Wall” pursuing our dreams of someday returning to society and restoring our lives our attitudes are beyond remorseful as many of our backgrounds can be related to the previous narrative. We hold no resentment towards the design hierarchy due to our own choices resulted in such unfortunate circumstances such as being cast into the Twilight Zone. We have no excuses as our familiar past also reflects back to those days on the playing field considering that those aspirational moments could possibly have been our own ticket out of the ghettos and inner cities of America as well. We often times harbor sentiments of regret for lack of patience and our resistance to imply discipline within challenging times.

Remembering our training as to when the defense or opposition assumes to apply pressure, we are taught to change-the-play or in football terminology,”CALL-AN-AUDIBLE!” We all feel the pain of when we witness potential take its fall, because within this race called Life, every-time those selected-few people of color almost reach the finish-line, somehow the line becomes extended as to where there is still a few more inches to go? So we pray and encourage our fallen-soldiers, understanding the rationale, that the “ticket” expires regardless of how we use it…

May we continue to progress within the struggle.


” No Expiration To Our Moral Obligation”

On behalf of the many of us who are “BEHIND THE WALL.”
I write from an individual perspective from those who are like-minded in an effort to enlighten the masses and to seek responses for concrete-solutions in a world of the social exile. My intentions are to network with the diversity of Bloggers who share a common interest and concern for those who face everyday challenges within the prison environment. As our situations are reflective of a systemic apparatus of rehearsed practices from Law Makers and B.O.P officials in order to sustain political points and projected revenue? As I hope to raise more awareness on issues relative to Criminal Justice Reforms, I aim to provide first-hand knowledge and experiences to a “Factually Failed” system of draconian (Excessively Harsh and Severe) legislation and policy-making. As the misleading and fabricated fate resembles the lack of urgency which is placed-on such an important Topic. Let us continue to advocate for change and re-structuring for those who are “BEHIND THE WALL”


Despite the data of the 910,000 men and women who are “BEHIND THE WALL,” the statistics still reflect that people of color are the inheritors of the many injustices. During the Days of the so called “War on Drugs.” Law makers instituted tough-on-crime bills to impress their constituents and to meet policy agendas. In efforts to persuade legislators that their approach was productive on crime; Drug czar’s law enforcement agencies and even politicians would dramatize the narrative by utilizing tactics such as over exaggerating when it came to certain terms such as “Crack.” Therefore, without any forensic or scientific evidence, knowing that this would send panic and confusion throughout mainstream America, Congressional representatives would naively corroborate in pushing for harsh legislation, (i.e. mandatory-minimums, 3-strikes laws, etc). Law makers would purposely mis-inform the media outlets regarding drug related incidents (i.e. such as the death of Len Bais, a prominent basketball star in the mid 1980’s) who die from a drug overdose of “drinking cocaine,” not crack? But law makers penalty provisions regarding cocaine-base?

Without expertise and by being unfamiliar to the intended purpose behind such legislation, often times people of color would fail victim to society’s disproportions regimens. Ro justify previous policies, former Presidents would enact legislation that would only impact the urban areas (mainly ghettos) within the US resulted in mandatory-minimums sentencing, also attributing to Mass-Incarceration. Years following that legislation, law enforcement officials had to actually lure a small time drug offender on Lafayette Boulevard in Washington D.C to substantiate the lie of former Present George H.W. Bush, as he made fabrications of “crack: being sold across from the White House? Moreover, President Clinton introduced the DRUG ENFORCEMENT LEGISLATION ACT, initiation 3 strikes penalties, more mandatory minimums to sentencing guild lines and Career offender enhancement within Drug Statues to persuade politicians to campaign for stiffer penalties for small time offenders with prior offenses. This pandemic impacted mostly urban area, as the threat of Law and Order (Lock-em-up) policies forced the fear of even pregnant drug addicted mothers to miscarriage, and in some instances resulted into toilet-babies , causing other negative alternatives to circumvent going to the hospital for treatment.

As a result, the Federal government refusing to pay for the treatment due to Medical Regulations, calming that since drug abuse classified as a mental illness, it was a State responsibility? Hospitals across the country would report Mothers of similar ethic backgrounds, who admitted to drug use to the State Child Protection Agency, Who would therefore have those Women arrested and/or children taken? Jennifer Johnson of Seminole County, Florida, first African American woman convicted of the special crime of using drugs while pregnant was charged with delivering drugs to a minor? Within the 60 seconds between the baby’s birth and the cutting of the umbilical cord was consistent enough to charge and prosecute her based on a theory from the Assistant States Attorney, Jeff Deen. She eventually served one year of house arrest and 14 years probation.

Even within the B.O.P., African American prison staff come to work everyday and would “Blast” their office entertainment systems to rap music, often quoting lyrics and familiar rhetoric to identify as of being “from the hood” in order to relate to the relative mindset of those incarcerated. These sentiments of insecure guilt symbolizes a sense of “I made the right choices” to justify and/or turn a blind-eye to the obvious statistics of Mass Incarceration. This Denial disposition supports the wrongs of our past behaviors, we request for logical avenues of reform and pray that opportunities are made available in the pursuit of a positive outcome. Although our living conditions may be discomforting and our means of resources sometimes seem skeptical, we no longer walk in the bitterness of victimized casualties and remain faithful in our endeavors. As 2017 almost reaches its end, we are witnessing America’s social transitioning which has enabled us to surpass those old segregated impediments and racial inequalities. By recognizing our diversity, multi cultural ethnicity and the respect for each individual rights. Let us provide inclusion and stand together for what’s morally right in fighting this new “State of Emergency” known as the Opioid epidemic. Let us not this time politicize a Public health crisis and open our hearts, minds and recourse’s to prevent another mistake as reflective of the past, because at the end of the day, it affects us all, in some way or another.

May we continue to progress within the Struggle