“4th Down And Goal”

Greetings My fellow bloggers> To many of us who may not be familiar with the game of football, how it is determined by a game of inches within a series of (Ball-of-possession-opportunities). Consisting of 4 consecutive attempts to score a goal commonly known as a Touchdown. 4th down and goal simply means that after 3 attempts to score. There is only one opportunity remaining of ball-possession. If you do not score on this final attempt, then the other team gets the ball? My focal-point in today’s blog is to express the important role that the N.F.L. players are taking regarding issues involving Police brutality and Criminal Justice Reform.
I sincerely commend the efforts of Professional footaball’s Malcolm Jenkins, Michael Bennett, Eric Reid, AnQwan Bolden and other N.F.L. Players in addressing the concerns of Criminal Justice Reform and Police Brutality involving people of Color. These important issues go-unrecognized and continue to be secondary in America’s Social agenda, your efforts to raise-awareness encourages those of Us who are behind the wall to remain hopeful in our pursuit of seeking a resolution regarding the many unjustices we face.
I urge you to not become distracted and/or divided within your organizing as you take on measures of negotiations for the betterment of our condition in your fight for justice. Remain steadfast even though you may witness substitute-plans replacing the course of objectives. By the revealing of other ulterior-motives and political agendas, you have taken-on the dual-responsibility of professional athlete and America’s Spokesman. It is my hope that you will continue to exemplify the characteristics of the academic Scholar and charismatic liaison in which society and media often-times undermines. My brother, stick to your demands in pursuit of reform and resolution, by exercising zero tolerance relative to our current circumstances so that our concerns are not just some mere piggy-back resulting from Colin Kaepernick’s taking a knee? (Colin Kaepernick was the recipient of the Muhammad Ali Life-time Humanitarian award for his firm stance against Police Brutality, Criminal Justice Reform, as well as his local and global contributions to Society. He will always be remembered as a Hero and the forerunner for Equality who sacrificed his Career and Life to foresee Justice for all) My Dear Brothers, in each of your calls for Justice, you erase the slave-owner mentality of Bob McNair’s (Houston Texan’s Owner) inappropriate comments.
“We can’t let the inmates run the yard” excerpts which caused major back-lash throughout the N.F.L. and across America as a whole.
These type of denigrating remarks not only send strong signals to professional athlete’s who train hard day-in and day-out to earn their status on the playing field, and bring-in major endorsements in every arena. This also displays the lack of respect for the Athlete as a intelligent Human-Being off-the-field. By America accepting the fact that the many of Us who are behind the Wall are also “behind in America’s priorities, leaves a sense of insecurity that the methods that are being taken are of secondary commitment..(Seeming as though we behind the wall have been forgotten)? While society portrays our circumstances only thru the lenses of (i.e. police-episodes, music videos(gangsta-rap), evening news and other ghetto imagery. The significance of your support can finally rid-away(get-rid-of) this “saturated version” of Criminal Justice Reform. Real facts can be disclosed on how only small percentages are benefiting from smoke-screen legislation. How society is naive and being manipulated under the false-pretenses that Congress is changing Laws to help reduce mass-incarceration.

Society should be informed of the over-crowded housing and the affects of the Opioid epidemic ( and how it) is within the prison environment as well as on societies streets. From behind the Wall, I want to inform You of the untraceable demon that lurks thru the souls of the misguided prisoner. We here behind the wall are witnessing the frantic-attacks from inmates who indulge in these millennial-poisons throughout the day and all hours of the night. Almost every night we wake from sleep, hearing panic-screams and outcry’s from distraught/intoxicated beings taking their initiation to the developing-stages of life-time addiction. Institutional medical lines are already beyond their basic-quota to supply for those warranted prescriptions. While we are surrounded by contraband and controlled substances, most staff members non-nonchalant attitudes, is only to complete his/her 8 hour shift and to credit each day to an early pension, reflective of the signs of an inevitable disaster. Moreover, Our citizens should be made aware that due to prosecutorial advantages, Public defenders office’s across the Country can honestly identify with the over-bearing case-loads and the lack of adequate resources to effectively represent their clients. To add salt to the wound, changes in the White House administration, and the rhetoric of Lock-em-up policies, halfway-houses have started rejecting offenders who are eligible upon release and who have paid their debt to society after spending years of preparing to re-enter a world of economic and personal challenges. Their hope has been shot-down without so much as a thought about how much this is affecting the individual who has been waiting for his/her halfway-house date.

These hideous procedures adds more stress, anxiety and unwarranted tension to an already unstable environment. To further mention the absence of consideration on how this unexpected let-down affects the family as well. Family members such as elderly Parents, and even our children who are still dependent upon our presence are just as severely affected by such impediments regarding our return home. To not be granted access back into a deteriorating family-structure is troubling news to a family in such dire need of a missing loved-one who now understands the magnitude of his previous actions. It is my desire that the public be informed about those of Us behind-the-wall have made countless efforts to enhance our skills with vocational-training, achieved College degrees and who have remained infraction-free for decades. We have taken the initiative to write our Local Congressman, only to receive a ” Kick-the-can-down-the-road” response. (Passing our issues on, from legislation-process to another)? So the efforts of the Professional athlete regains our “Seat at the Table,” because as the saying goes, “If you’re not at the table, then you’re on the menu?”

It is a well known fact that during the campaign years of the 1980’s and 90’s, policy-makers competed with each other to prove that they could be harsh on legislation by targeting Black and Latino communities subject-to drug offenses which drove the prison population to astronomical Highs, which has now bled-over into our Caucasian Communities thru the use of Methamphetamine and Opioids.. Understanding the racial-disparities and disproportionate-level of sentencing-regimes for non-violent offenders. President Obama along with attorney general Eric Holder took the initiative to restore new policies on sentencing reform to help reduce the influx of low-level offenders that attributed to affects of mass-incarceration. However, with this new administration, these progressive issues have been placed at the bottom of America’s to do list. May the efforts of these N.F.L. Players inspire other groups and organizations to help mobilize such a relevant cause. To use your platform by sending a message to America’s unjustices, symbolizes courage and admiration from all of Us who embrace your support. So before we “break-the-huddle,” with only one down left to score a touchdown. Let us call the play that will bring collective-satisfaction to Us all.

May we continue to strive with the struggle.


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