A Vision From the Twilight Zone:

A Vision From the Twilight Zone:

If someone from another country were to do some research (facts checking) on the majority of people thats under the control of the criminal justice system, his or her findings would show that those individuals are people of color or the less fortunate of this once great nation.

The foreigners, (like many Americans), would be under the impression that the crime rate is just something randomly selected from the US law enforcement bureau,Or that this data simply stems from those whom come from dysfunctional cultures, inadequate schools, and disenfranchised neighborhoods. The foreigners, (like many Americans), would probably assume the obvious that those particular people were well deserving of their fate (being cast into the Twilight Zone), due to poor choices and negative upbringings. However, this profound misunderstanding of how racial oppression actually works helps ease the perception of reality when his or her source of information are filtered through saturated outlets of mainstream media.

In corresponding to the many sincere bloggers who live outside of the Twilight Zone, it is more convenient to imagine that a majority of African Americans, Latino men, and under-privileged American Men and women who come from urban areas simply chose a life of crime rather than to accept the real possibility that their lives were structured in a way that virtually guarantees their early admission “INTO THE TWILIGHT ZONE” a system from which most will never escape.

One Saturday afternoon I was watching a college football game between two conference rivals Alabama and Auburn; unfortunately one of the All-American Alabama defensive players got injured. Imagining the impact and frustration from this particular player’s emotional breakdown as he tried to come to grips with the loss of freedom that had once come as naturally to him as breathing. I wonder if his frustration resembled that of Kunta Kinte’s, (the vocal character in Alex Haley’s award winning book Roots), captured after numerous attempts to escape slavery. This ultimate disappointment is a shattering role in his pursuit from the grips of bondage within society.

Not to question his academic accomplishment, or to undermine his non-athletic potential, but in a labor market that makes a totally different determination on it’s selective draft, this athlete’s possible chances of being selected first round have went from being great, to slim, to none. Due to this unexpected injury his ticket to avoid the Twilight Zone has just been put in jeopardy. Moreover this All-American football star now understands the unspoken reality that due to this injury his exceptional skills as an athlete registers less significantly and diminishes his credentials of being a worthwhile and qualified human being in the challenging world of technological and innovative thinking.

This unexpected injury brings about unwarranted scrutiny and stigmas which are placed on people of color, as this elite athlete once again becomes categorized within society’s “unleveled playing field”. Unbeknownst to the unexpected, only later reveals that his “physical contributions” are in more demand to this society than his “intellectual contributions” per-se. These

events are discouraging and have now produced a need to re-assess many of the athlete’s hopes, dreams, and objectives. He now realizes that many of the possibilities for success in life must be re-assessed and that most of what he took for granted could be coming to an end. This unfortunate occurrence re-aligns the burden of how he was just a tackle away from escaping this orchestrated-system of subordinate status that was also attributed to his ancestors.

As evidence and acknowledgement has now become unraveled to the fact that this country was built on the backs of slaves, as mentioned, his ancestors, and immigrants etc. As for many African Americans and other other less fortunate Americans when their options curve, or when they experience various setbacks, they don’t have the option to call a friend at M.I.T (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) who owns his own company, or to simply acquire a small loan from mom or dad who can pull funds from their 401k, IRA, etc. retirement savings. Or perhaps be supported by crowdfunding. Therefore, in recognizing that not only is this individual athletes future in limbo we also come to realize that in many instances his entire family structure is somewhat dependent upon this promising transition to a better life simply based upon financial status.

Therefore the fear of a missed opportunity to make it out of the (ghetto), inner city and escape society’s stereotypes and prejudice, (I.E. bad dudes, predators, and thugs), decreases those options for an individual to place his life silicon-valley, Wall street, and cyber security.

As we maintain our existences here “Behindd the Wall” pursuing our dreams of someday returning to society and restoring our lives our attitudes are beyond remorseful as many of our backgrounds can be related to the previous narrative. We hold no resentment towards the design hierarchy due to our own choices resulted in such unfortunate circumstances such as being cast into the Twilight Zone. We have no excuses as our familiar past also reflects back to those days on the playing field considering that those aspirational moments could possibly have been our own ticket out of the ghettos and inner cities of America as well. We often times harbor sentiments of regret for lack of patience and our resistance to imply discipline within challenging times.

Remembering our training as to when the defense or opposition assumes to apply pressure, we are taught to change-the-play or in football terminology,”CALL-AN-AUDIBLE!” We all feel the pain of when we witness potential take its fall, because within this race called Life, every-time those selected-few people of color almost reach the finish-line, somehow the line becomes extended as to where there is still a few more inches to go? So we pray and encourage our fallen-soldiers, understanding the rationale, that the “ticket” expires regardless of how we use it…

May we continue to progress within the struggle.


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