Greetings to my fellow Bloggers. It is beyond a privilege to dialogue with some to the Worlds most diverse and intellectual minds. We here within these isolated domains “behind the Wall” embrace the opportunity to network with those of you who share a common interest regarding Today’s societal issues.


When we look back at the year of 2012 regarding the situation surrounding Khalif Browder,(i.e. an African-American young man from Brooklyn New York), who was sent to Rikers Island(State prison in New York) for being falsely accused of stealing a back-pack…(Khalif Browder eventually committed suicide several years after being released..May he rest in peace and May Allah have mercy on his soul)…As charges were filed against him, he was placed in a “system” created to deter those who upon entering, to stop committing crimes in the future…

In a normal justice system you would think that this entity is designed by a group of qualified individuals who take upon themselves the responsibility to find effective ways to bring-about reform, rehabilitation and to provide a means of support for those who are victims of societal issues. There are some who chose a life of crime, there are others who are un-deserving of such expedient incarceration? Instead, each year we witness billions of tax-payers dollars being wasted-on institutional “warehousing” as the overall crime-rate steady increases.

Those individuals enter into this forgotten arena affectionately known as the “Twilight Zone”. It is an introduction to the initial stages of institutional-BRANDING and to rectify the status of second-class citizenship.( Once individuals enter the criminal justice system, our socio-economic status declines, we are least-selected in the labor-market and we go thru life with this tainted stigma of forever being a criminal).
As we focus our attention on this particular narrative. Remembering Khalif Browder, a young man who spent 3 years of his life in confinement, unsanitary living-conditions, under the physical-harassment and verbal-abuse from prison officials, along with the constant aggression’s of peer-pressure from local gang-rivals within such a hostile environment. A condition in which those of us within the “ZONE” are confronted with each and everyday..While unprepared prosecutors made redundant-request for continuances during scheduled Court appearances due to insufficient evidence and the inability to locate credible witnesses, displays the characterization on how such little emphasis is placed-on children who come form areas such as the ghetto(urban-society).. Unresolved to the claims of these false accusations, this innocent young man had to endure the unwarranted affects on how society uses a generalized protocol to substantiate any/all allegations, by randomly selecting the first black male that they see on the neighborhood block or in a police line-up? Without considering the fact that Khalif was employed and also enrolled in Community-College, neither of those positive behaviors exempted him from society’s stereotype of back-lash that young men and women who come from urban areas (The ghetto)experience..Adding insult to injury many of these children are forced to live in confined spaces known as the SHU( special housing Unit – a section within the prison, administrative-detention also known as “the hole” a small-isolated living quarters with only a sink, as steal-framed bunk and a toilet inside the cell shared by two people)…Inmates are kept inside these living-quarters for 23 hours a day for un-accounted-for sanctions or just simply because staff is having a bad day..
These constant episodes of psychological-gymnastics can take-its-toll on many of these children who already suffer from symptoms of deppression, abuse and other psychological-traumas.. To allow my fellow bloggers to imagine some of the unpleasant circumstances..The other day I removed a towel from off the floor in an area inside the Housing-Unit and all kinds of insects/bugs scattered across the floor exposing the infested and deteriorating infastructure within these dilapitated buildings which has housed animals and humans for the last 77 years. I know you won’t believe me but the staff actually named the Housing-unit “The Barns.”

Turning our attention to another similar crisis..
Sentoya Brown, (an unfortunate young sister) is serving a life sentence in a Tennessee Correctional Facility for killing her pimp. At the young age of 16 she was forced into sex-trafficking after being sexually-abused by an ex-boyfriend. A victim of child-molestation, raised in foster-care and constantly transitioning from on unstable home to the next, she eventually became involved in prostitution. Ms. Brown in her adolescence, suffered from an intolerable measure of abuse which caused her to display a level of resistance. The results of her actions ended-up in Today’s questionable decision of whether she deserves a life-long prison term?

Most of America is un-informed of the judicial process, how the procedural hurdles, etc.. With all her appeals “exhausted” she will not be eligible for parole until 2059..This helpless soul is now possibly spending the rest of her life BEHIND THE WALL.. I ask my fellow bloggers, where’s the reform?
I reflect on the misguided example to seek refuge from an individual who was lost in society and is now lost within the system. I question you, my fellow bloggers, “will there be any means of recourse,” in a society that excludes the disenfranchised?
As many others like Sentoya Brown and Khalif Browder are shuffled through the Criminal Justice system(Twilight Zone) policy-makers only logical-resolution seems to be a sense of urgency to incarcerate..while policy-agenda’s are met and retirement planning is secured, these over magnified and overstated juvenile-delinquents become wards of the State, in which ironically the only altenative-remedy in monitioring the child’s overall behavioral pattern is to issue medication..THE BIPARTISAN NOOSE !
In determining the most efficient solution to aide such a crisis, so-called professionals undermine the original causes which lead-up to these circumstances. Without the proper screening and making a real assessment, provided the warnings signs(i.e. counseling, child-interviews, drug-addicted-upbringings or any molestation within the home,etc.).. By observing certain conditions that can be deeply-rooted within the child’s dysfunctional-development would be considered the proper evaluation instead of a life sentence. To merely just fill the void of employment-entitlement and to confirm that they have a job is a disservice to our future inheritors of society.

Unveiling more on how the Uran-area youth are treated…

Just recently, four African-American teenagers between the ages of 15 and 18 were exoneraed afer spending 16 years for being wrongfully convicted of killing a prostitute. Currently these men are now restoring their lives at the ages of 31 and 34. They were all from the Englewood, Chicago area,(a urban community within inner-ciy Chicago). D.N.A. evidence cleared the suspects, after the F..B.I. revealed that the testimony of the accused was coerced by investigators and also how Chicago Law Enforcement manipulated the citizens and the media to justify the allegations.

My fellow bloggers. I challenge you to make similar comparisons with regards to those who are affluent(privileged, those who inherit from rich/wealthy backgrounds). Studies reveal that few or any of the Affluent teenagers experience a fraction of the hardships or neglect that the mass-majority of teenagers from Urban society face on a daily basis.
Fact-checking revealed that just last year in 2016, the son of Actor Michael Douglas (Cameron) was “only” sentenced to 5 years in a federal institution on drug charges. While being incarcerated and receiving such a short sentence, compared to those of less-status. His sentence was extended to 2 more years for additional charges for being caught with more drugs inside the prison complex. In comparison to the thousands of young Men and Women who come from not-so-prevalent backgrounds, Cameron Douglas has already been released and has returned home to his luxurious life-style.
Nor can we forgot about Ethan Couch (the affluent Texas-Teen) who is responsible for killing several citizens(who were also from the State of Texas) for his out-of-control antics on a drunk-driving rampage. He was initially sentence to “probation” after violating the terms of his probaton, he “finally” had to do actual Jail-time? In contemplating some of the few scenario’s of how society’s veiw is of those who may be considered misunderstood, underprivileged, etc..

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