“Merry Christmas”

Merry Christmas from the Twi- Light Zone.
Christmas Greetings from The Twilight Zone. We all wish we could be home doing all the joyful thing that this season brings, celebrating the birth of a New King.

Behind this wall the Christmas star does not shine so bright. Many of us stress as we contemplate what we are missing on this glories night.

Wanting to be there to see the smile on our children’s face and listening to Grandpa tell stories of God’s saving grace. Remembering all of the good Christmases beyond this place. Thinking of each of you on this special day.

How can we brighten those little ones day when we sit here in this dark place so very far away? What do we tell them? What do we say? Maybe if we start with “I love you”, that will brighten their day? That is what the one we honor on this day would say.

To all of the children with loved ones in the twilight zone, know that we love you even though we can’t come home; and to the mothers and fathers on the other side forgive us for any tears we have brought to your eye. Thank you for all you do for us from you side.

Christmas Love: Twilight

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