” To GOD’S Light”

To: God’s Light
Thank you for the gift of marriage that I’ve cherished since the moment you said yes.
we have built a life on a foundation of love that will never sink into the sand. it is on
solid ground and our love will always stand.

Thanks for all those times you encouraged me when I wanted to give up, for never accepting it
when I said but, just knowing you believe in me means more than you can ever know. I love
you Boo of that you can be sure. Because of you my heart has one door.

Thanks for your friendship you’re a very special women who has met all of my needs. You lightened
all our problems and add joy to our pains; any man that did not love you would have to be insane

Thanks for all the happiness you’ve brought me as your husband. Without you I never would have
felt the happiness that I do. the reason i know how to love is because of you. a happiness beyond
any words can say, beyond my wildest dreams and my purist thoughts today.

Yesterday I loved you with all of my heart but today, TODAY I love you with all my being. For
this gift most of all i thank you my darling wife.
Your loving husband Twilight

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