Greetings to my fellow Bloggers. May we continue to push toward progressive measures to overcome Society’s injustices. With the recent comments of #45’s recommendation of preferable immigrants entering the United States, constantly reminds us of the racist-overtone that we here in America strive to abolish. Reflecting-back on the historical accounts of inexcusable tactics to enforce Law, Legislation or sanctions. By acknowledging our past wrongs, we can correct America’s future.


History records the numerous accounts of unfair practices placed-on those who were falsely accused of a crime, whether it be wrongfully-convicted based-on race or unwealthy status. In 1955, a teenage named Emmitt Till was brutally-beaten and shot in the head for being falsely-accused for whistling at a white woman (Carolyn Bryant). After decades of hiding the truth (in order to achieve publicity and financial benefits), she finally admitted to how she lied resulting in the murder of an innocent child, and causing years of adverse suffering to Emmitt Till’s family due to her fabricatons. In 1991, Rodney King was brutally beaten on the streets of Los Angeles, triggering major accounts of riots from the acquittal of Law enforcement officials who made racial statements reflective of the comments made by Today’s Oval Office. In 2001, Lionel Alexander Tate at age 13 was sentenced to Life imprisonment for putting a wrestling manuever on a relative, while the argument still remains on whether Television influences the acts of certain crimes? On Feruary 26, 2012, remembering Travon Martin, who was racially stereotyped and stalked, to be later shot to death for walking to his father’s apartment while eating a pack of skittles(assorted candy).. On November 22, 2014 in Cleveland Ohio, 12 year old Tamir Rice was gunned-down for possessing a toy pistol, just months after the slaying of unarmed-Michael Brown in Ferguson Missouri also by the hands of Law enforcement.
Neither can we forget Fernando Castillo in 2016, who was killed in the presence of his 4 year old daughter for complying with Law officials by reaching for his license and registration. And Sandra Bland who committed suicide after being harrassed by a police officer for running a stop sign(traffic violation). Even the rapper Meek Meel’s probaton violaton stemming from minor altercations has resulted in the final straw on second chances. The Pennsylvania Judge’s discretionary decision for Meek Meel’s return to prison reflects zero tolerance for the African American rapper. In contrast to identifying the patterns of inexcusable harrassment, incarceration and blatant acts of murder. When it comes to penal implementation or methods of sanctions for those who come from affluent backgrounds, the standards were somehow different and/or more lenient? For example, In 2010, the son of actor Michael Douglas (Cameron) received “only” a 5 year sentence for dealing LARGE AMOUNTS of methamphetamine and cocaine. While inside the institution, Cameron Douglas received an additional 4 and 1/2 years for continuing his drug activities. Citing repeated efforts to get drugs into the prison facility, including four times in which his Lawyer smuggled contraband in her bra, according to expert witness and attorney Jennifer Ridha..Nevertheless, Cameron Douglas has returned home to his Luxurious Life-style. In 2016, Ethan Couch, the affluent Texas Teen who killed four citizens during his drunk-driving rants was given an initial sentence of only probation as well. It was not until after he fled the country and violated the terms of his probation, in which he was sentenced to actual Jail-time.
And why not run for State Senator “Bradley Chelsea Manning,” the former Army private (transgender), convicted of disclosing classified information has filed to run for Senate in Maryland. Manning, who was found guilty of leaking more than 700,000 government files to wikileaks in 2013 received a 35 year prison term for disseminating a vast trove of government documents that included incident reports from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the prisoners who were detained at Guantanamo Bay without a trial. To some, this would be considered an act of Treason, as President Trump has called her a traitor to the United States, but the Obama administration commuted Manning’s sentence in 2017. These inconsistent examples of inquiry, investigation and punishment is nothing more that a continuous pattern of racial apathy that is still being displayed on people of Color and on those who are considered to be non affluent. It is apparent that America has transitioned with tremendous strides of gradual legislation, proclamations for civil rights, and sometimes even resolutions that have attributed to war. But accountability is still being disguised, while those who are misinformed and/or naive await acts of fairness that will register with their concerns.. There is no expiration to America’s moral obligation.
May we continue to strive within the overall struggle..