I pray that this shines upon you like a flower
smiling upon the morning sun.
And the spring that blossoms after the winter’s song,
the offering of its sweet nectar,
and the Bee’s hymn…”Life shall prevail!”
I pray that this fashions you with colors
that only you can tell.
And the beauty radiating from yourself is a sequence
flowing with magical details.
I pray that the evidence of nature speaks to you
in a magnificence of grace.
And all misplaced void is scattered
into its rightful place,
for fear is the darkness that touches the inner space.
The emptiness that is shown on the face when life ends
in the course of its race.
Life is the vibration that light seeks:
“There is no escape.”
I pray, in the choice you travel…there is no regret.
For the only mistake, is the one that is not made—yet.

Poetic Justification


To the Sun that rises…
Placing its saddle upon the clouded waves.
From the harness that’s fastened…
The Chariots gallop upon the hours of a day.
And through its armor of fashion…
It shines upon the visiting face.
So shall the eyes beat bashfully…
Upon the resilient flaming race.
But in its smile it speaks laughingly…
Knowing there is no shelter for escape.
For life has given magically…
In the exact proportion that we create!

Poetic Justification

Disclamer this goes with the “I PRAY” poem: Lay Lay, you have been there for me in some very difficult times as well as some of my fondest memories since I’ve been here in the twilight zone. This poem is in a small way my representation of the love and affection that I hold for you, as well as, my way of thanking you for all of the things that you go out of your way to do for your uncle. Thank you, Lay Lay, I love you, Darnell



There’s no way I could ever change my mind, it’s engraved in my heart that
I should love you for all times.
You’re more precious than any diamond I’ll ever be able to find.
For I have looked into the earth’s sky…traveled it’s plains…touched it’s
resources…and nothing has shown so divine.
It has taken me to look on the inside to discover the earth’s core insside my
heart’s eye.
As I move toward the depth of the earth’s core I stop to check out other diamonds,
and love you even more.
This love will never end, not even at the earth’s floor?
So I plant seeds in the univer to watch it grow.
Knowing, we have a life that’s priceless than all those who search it;
Nothing material could purchase our love, it comes from elements
that man knows nothing of.
Is this spiritual, does it come from the soul? I’m going to have to put some
more work in this…so If I might be so bold.
It’s one of those things that come with pressurized stones.
It breathes with heat, it ties with bones, it becomes one flesh and glows as
we grow old.
It is: “The Diamond Beneath The Stone and the jewel of my soul”




The blessing of life is poured out in a stream of blood.
It secures itself as it contains itself in the volume of Love.
There is no principle of Hate, its only existence is, in the absence of Love.
That Love, though it is Absolute, becomes embodied by the vehicle that displays its worth.
And it does not hold back its offer in the channel of birth.
For all Life is giving the essence of worth.
To be or not to be in the course that it follows its own stream.
Therefore, Dreams are the Oceans that we free ourselves clean’
Also, seeing the Light behind others hidden stream.
The blessing in being God’s creative “Stream”!

“Poetic Justification”


“The Answer”

Growing on the inside…
Bound by the evolutionary process.
Darkness in the core of total Blackness.
Alchemizing in the tropic’s of a 98 degree heat.
The Tree of Life…
That every soul must eat.
The Tree of Knowledge…
That clothes the secrets to this earthly fleet.
She is the Garden that every seed births free.
In the Living Waters that forms creation complete.
Drowning in this Immortal Body.
No! This World has no enemies.
I swim in Its gulf; I have nostrils that breathe;
I have a mouth to swallow the 4 rivers that encompass me.
I have limbs…I have feet…I have a mind to think.
I Am…constantly shifting.
I Am now…A Living Being.
I Am: “THE ANSWER” where truth is found…
Inside of Her—is Me!

By: Poetic Justification
Darnell McRath