I pray that this shines upon you like a flower
smiling upon the morning sun.
And the spring that blossoms after the winter’s song,
the offering of its sweet nectar,
and the Bee’s hymn…”Life shall prevail!”
I pray that this fashions you with colors
that only you can tell.
And the beauty radiating from yourself is a sequence
flowing with magical details.
I pray that the evidence of nature speaks to you
in a magnificence of grace.
And all misplaced void is scattered
into its rightful place,
for fear is the darkness that touches the inner space.
The emptiness that is shown on the face when life ends
in the course of its race.
Life is the vibration that light seeks:
“There is no escape.”
I pray, in the choice you travel…there is no regret.
For the only mistake, is the one that is not made—yet.

Poetic Justification


To the Sun that rises…
Placing its saddle upon the clouded waves.
From the harness that’s fastened…
The Chariots gallop upon the hours of a day.
And through its armor of fashion…
It shines upon the visiting face.
So shall the eyes beat bashfully…
Upon the resilient flaming race.
But in its smile it speaks laughingly…
Knowing there is no shelter for escape.
For life has given magically…
In the exact proportion that we create!

Poetic Justification

Disclamer this goes with the “I PRAY” poem: Lay Lay, you have been there for me in some very difficult times as well as some of my fondest memories since I’ve been here in the twilight zone. This poem is in a small way my representation of the love and affection that I hold for you, as well as, my way of thanking you for all of the things that you go out of your way to do for your uncle. Thank you, Lay Lay, I love you, Darnell

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