Louise, this post is from a friend of mine that we affectionately call Big Boy. He’s about 6’3″ and really close to the 400 side of 350. Big Boy is very intelligent. He has a affection for the older guys in the unit and has no problem showing it if he feels that any of them are threatened in any way. Be it black, white, Mexican or mixed. He’s in his mid thirties. Nobody has to worry about him biting them but once you look at those arms you know right then that teeth are the least of your worries. I considered him writing on the blog on several occasions but today he was heated and went to telling me about how he felt about what was going on with the case that he speaks of in his blog below. Big Boy is European which should have no prevalence where his opinion is concerned. I only mention it because I want to give the bloggers a clear picture of the range of anger that is being displayed over what’s happening with lives matter. Post this with what you told me you were posting on yesterday.

Why? So I sit here watching the news from this dump they call prison. Holes in the windows, tiles missing, and black mold in the bathrooms. Ceilings caving in held up by floor jacks, asbestos in the ceiling with water leaking out on top of bunks. Buildings leaning, plumbing backing up every day causing shit to stand in the shower. The biggest thing of all is a bunch of COs that disrespect and laugh at you like your life is meaningless. All because I made a mistake.
Yet these police are killing innocent people and nothing is happening. I mean they have not even suspended these officers that just killed Stephon Clark. Why is there no justice for this innocent family. Why can we make a mistake and the key is thrown away like our lives don’t matter. There is no excuse or explanation that makes me understand why all of these police are above the law. Action is needed now. Not tomorrow or next year, but NOW!
~Big Boy

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