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Greetings to my fellow Bloggers. Sending our support to DACA (Deferred Action for  Childhood Arrivals), recipients encouraging them to stand strong, continue to pursue your Dreams and trust that God is overseeing your Well-being..

It’s Human tendencies to manipulate the rules and to set double-standards in order to achieve ulterior-motives and create other secular objectives. It is a well-known phenomenon in societies where corruption resides, (i.e. in Nations recognized as Super Powers). Particularly countries that have lost the basic concepts of morals, dignity and justice, by merely replacing their image with quailities of Arrogance, Greed and Oppression.


People will began to undermine the very foundations of their constitution, contracts and their committment to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for all of mankind. Their belief in God will be watered-down(saturated), driven totally by desires and self-interest. Witnessing continued rhetoric of “Build a WAll” and “increase border patrol” will circulate thru mainstream media, while Arizona Sherriff’s are given full Pardons for racial-profiling of Latino immigrants. Remebering the innocent life of the young Mexican Boy while just playing a “game of chicken” was murdered by a border patrol agent? The case making national news was decided February 21, 2017, resulting in no disciplinary action, no leave-of-absence nor any means of reprimand for the erroneous actions of the agent? We only heard expressions of justification to support their theories of displacement and to enforce bias legislation.. Our prayers go out for Korena Boranca – a DACA recipient as she awaits the decision for citizenship status. She has worked hard, abided by the laws of land and born in a Country via Parental-migration. So I leave these words to those who are placed in challenging times, that no matter what it looks like right now. No matter how much it hurts. No matter what U have to leave behind. U can be wounded and walk! U can be broken and believe! U can be pieces and still have PEACE!.. Never give up….

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