“Ed, tell Dee how we did on Father’s Day.” Twilight said.
Ed lit up with excitement. “Aw man,” in a baritone voice, “Twilight prepared a meal fit for kings and made us feel like it was really Father’s Day and we all celebrated it as proud fathers.”
“Darnell, tell Dee about the deer coming up to eat out of our hands, the raccoons shaking our pockets for food, the skunk allowing us to feed them and scratch their heads.” Twilight continued.
Darnell thinks for a moment to reflect back to the time, shocked by his own experience, before saying, “I haven’t seen any place like it. You would think the deer were statues standing in front of the building. It wasn’t anything to see animals coming up to be fed.”
Amazed by Darnell’s encounter, he made me feel like they were living in a zoo. I had been in a state prison before infested with ducks you could feed, but nothing of this magnitude. So I asked, “You’re telling me no one was worried about being sprayed by the skunk or clawed by the raccoons? Those raccoons are something else. I once knew a little white girl when I was younger, she lived down the gravel road from my grandmother out in the country. She also took a raccoon as a pet, and it spazzed out and butchered her face. Those things are dangerous.” Hoping they realized how foolish they sounded to me.
“Excuse me, you,” Twilight stops to say. As he unhooks his headphones from his MP3 player. (Another expensive luxury item added to the zone back in 2011. The purchase price for the MP3 player is $88.50, not including the songs costing anywhere from $1.20-1.55 each.) Twilight then hand’s his MP3 to a guy sitting on a bench, shouldered on the left side of the track who was listening to his own MP3 with his Koss R-10 headphones around his neck. Addressing the pepper haired gentleman, “Check some of this out.” Referring to his music. “See if there’s anything you like that you don’t have. I’ll see you when I come back around.”
“Okay, Dee, you think that is something? Wait until I tell you this…” Twilight pauses to allow me to anticipate his next words. “The birds were eating out of my hand.” He speaks this from deep within, understanding how hard this would be for me to fathom.
Twilight looks at me waiting to see how I’m going to respond. Actually, I don’t know whether he is joking or not. However, everything he has said and done thus far has been like a bridge to life you just want to cross over and see what takes you to the other side. Again he is a world magnet and hasn’t showed me anything less.
Instead I say, “Yeah, I’d have to see that.”
We go on talking until we meet the gentleman at the bench again. He stands up and joins us as we walk.
“Joel, what do you think?” Twilight speaks to the pepper haired man, referring to the music on his MP3.
Joel hands him back his MP3 and said, “You have some nice stuff on there.”
“Well, I wanted to talk to you about the program.”
“I heard they took me off the program.”
“Yeah, but don’t worry about that. I’m back.”
“But they said I couldn’t participate because I haven’t rehearsed with y’all.”
“Check this out, I tried hard getting you to agree to do this for me, didn’t I?”
“And I don’t beg anyone, EVER.” Twilight spoke that as a man of power. Even I felt it. “All I need you to do is show up. I got this. I’m putting my head on the chopping block. If Breckenridge doesn’t let you participate then I’m not doing anything, or helping in any other programs the rest of the time I’m here. That’s how I roll.” He looked at Joel as a man that doesn’t take no when he wants what he wants. “So are you going to be there?”
Joel gives in and replies, “I’ll e there.”
At that time the move is being called yet again. Twilight and I exited the yard, heading back towards the barns. Tomorrow was THE big day. We extend love as we always do with parting words, “See you later.”
Twilight, however, stops to say one more thing, “Dee, are you ready?”
He knows me by now and exactly what I’m going to say, “I was born ready!” We turn into our doors awaiting tomorrow.

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