“My Beautiful People”

My beautiful people this is BigBoy. I want to hit on a topic today that is really grabbing at my heart right now. But before I go into that i need to give a shout out to one of my partners that i met while being caged up in the Twilight Zone that has passed away. Man it is a tragedy that he got out there and after only eight weeks found himself moving to fast in the wrong lane. It can happen to anyone of us that don’t pay attention to the traffic we surround our self with. It is easy to fall victim to the very thing we vow never to be around again. My friends I want you to wake up everyday and remind yourself that there is nothing that you can put in your body that can take away any torment or pain that may have been brought upon you. Life can be hard especially when you are young. The only thing that beats the pain is persistent and struggle. Listening to those who love you and have been through what you are going through is a BIG step in the right direction. Over coming drugs in your life will never be easy to deal with; its very hard to get out of that life when you fall into the wrong lane (DRUGS). Stay strong my little brothers and sisters and keep your focus on what is important… LIFE.
R.I.P Shawn “Skeeter Cremeans
Now ,I want to touch on the subject at hand which is people not being there or giving up on those that has been locked away for any length of time. I know some of your love ones may have done some straight foul stuff when they were out there in the wrong lane. There may be no excuse other than not having the proper guidance growing up or being influence by substances that they should never put in their bodies. That is something I will hit on another post. But for now i want you all to focus on the young ones that are coming out of these places they call Rehabilitation Prisons (The Twilight Zone).

These places (THE ZONE) is not giving us any type of learning (education) and or resources to become a better man or women. At the end of the day the young people, our future are coming out much angrier and far more secluded because so many of you find yourselves’s pushing them away. Let me tell you that the world moves much faster than the Twilight Zone. So upon entry to the free world it is so easy to fall victim to the things that got them in the Twilight Zone to begin with and often times much worse comes as in my partners case.

I am asking you to stop and think what you could do for one of these young people that will be taking your place in the world thirty, forty, or even fifty years from now. Something as simple as a talk, a hand held out to help him or her up (A JOB). The break you give may save a life. I know that everyone can not be saved my people but i know many can be reached. Keep love in your hearts and blessing will follow.


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