” Respecting Our Elders

Respecting our Elders

We now live in a society that devalues old people. Most of us thank the Lord that we’re not old, which depending on our age, could be anywhere from 30 to 90. We live in a time where youth has come to represent vitality, creativity, and accomplishment.
On the other hand, age implies wisdom and earns respect in some people. It seems to suggest to us inactivity, deterioration, and intellectual and creative drying up. How can we allow the number of years one has lived to have power, or better said, the lack of power over us? Every day of our life has the potential to enrich us and for us to grow. If we would just take the time to look around us we would see so many older people who are vital and creative. People who have strength of will and of mind who have a knowledge beyond that of us who have lived fewer years. We should be inspired by them. they have seen and endured much and still they dream. That alone, should show the young that, we too, should forever dream, and respect those who continue to dream because they have seen their dreams come true. To all of my elders, I salute and respect you.

One Love,

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