Uncle Bill

So Twilighters this Big Boy….. Yeah i know i aint dropped that heat lately but i got you… First i want to introduce you to my 73 year old unc. His name is Bill. Now Bill is out in Cali. He was in the Navy and retired. After all of these years he has been a rock to me in some of my darkest times. He always lets me know i am messing up and always got his hand out to pick me up when i do mess up to pick me back up. So we talk every day and he be hitting me with headlines and such. So today he hit me with one that i want to share with you. I am going to share the whole message with you verbatim. Unc say this right here” On page SEVENTEEN of the New York Times today the headline read ” Three Black Churches Burned in Ten Days” (Story was out of Louisiana) This is the very first time i have read any thing about this. And i am curious why it is on page SEVENTEEN instead of page ONE. It should be front and center. Black Americans should be showing BIG BIG anger and emotion. But i wonder if there will be much of a response??? Lots of folks will tepidly say ” Ohhh Its Louisiana, so what do you expect…(YAWN)… We are such fools. We will probably show more emotion and interest over that “Empire” actor arranging his own evil assault. This is REAL SAD nephew!!!! Now Twilighters remember this is a 73 yr old Caucasian Man. this is his thoughts…. People are tired!!!!

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