Now that i introduced Unc and put him out there… Let me give you my heat… i been quite for some personal reasons which i will discuss in the third dose of my heat… This is piece is called ” Classification”…. You know i just got in to a debate about classification of a good man. I was told that i was a good white boy. So my reply was as follows… “First off i am a MAN not a boy. Secondly what does my skin color got to do with my greatness. Thirdly of course i am good MAN because i am a KING. You know people are so caught in this stigma of rating a persons character based off the wrong stuff. You know you can go to work every day and pay your bills but if you beat your wife and kids you aint no good MAN. You know you can be dirt poor and not have nothing and be a good MAN. there is no color classification, financial status, etc. that makes you a good MAN. what makes you a good MAN is the actions you choose to use and the intentions behinds that actions that you take. It is 2019 cut the crap with color and classification. There are two types of people in this world. Good and Bad. Choose your side and know that either way there are going to be pros and cons. But don’t try and classify some one based off ignorance.” That was how it went down and a bunch of people got up and walked away from me because as you know most folks don’t like hearing the real. You know the real hurts to hear because you learn that you are wrong. And most humans hate being wrong. Just know that if someone jump out there with that crap make sure you got a copy of this and tell them to read it and then holla back at you… This certified by none other than BIG BOY

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