About Page

The Purpose of “Behinddthewall.com”is to provide you with a first hand perspective of what it is like living behind the wall of the FBOP (Federal Bureau of Prisons). The perspective that you hear is that of Twi-light. Twi-light is a man that has been behind the wall for sixteen years, he along with a group of others have chosen to share with you, what they have seen and experienced on a daily occurrence behind the wall.

Objectives: Learning to identify two different worlds;Learning to identify situation metamorphosis and Learning that family members that seem like aliens are still family.

A brief analysis from the writers of this site will reveal to you that “Behinddthe wall” is not to be confused with the many inspirational websites that focus on reconciliation, forgiveness, and re-establishing old ties, although they are a very important and greatly needed.

“Behinddthewall” is designed to showcase a human metamorphosis that is as unique and awe-inspiring as a caterpillar transforming into a butterfly. It is my desire to show how utterly alien our two worlds of existence; one of prison life compared to the one of free life actually are.

I desire to give you a visual picture of the plane on which those imprisoned exist, while speculating on your plane of existence and while seeking your help to understand your metamorphosis.

“We behinddthewall believe that the aliens of these two worlds can co-exist, when merged together if we learn to speak the two languages; identify the customs and respect the difference”.